Taker Town

Location: The area formerly known as “Prarie Dog Town”

Population: Varying

Access: All

“I want you to know you’re welcome in Taker Town. Takeride is glad you’re here, bringing jobs and income to the community. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like in Taker Town, as long as you don’t cause trouble. 99% of you are here to follow the rules, make lots of money, and maybe one day retire. I’m not worried about you. Thanks for coming and being a part of this.

For the 1% I’m worried about, I’ll say this: I have a Browning Ma Deuce over by the city entrance in case you get rowdy. I have a couple of Mountain Goats – who’ve spent parts of their lives picking the fleas off camels with .308 bullets – camped up in the foothills. I’ve got explosives buried at strategic points around Taker Town. I have boots on the ground that have seen more action than you, and I will use every one of these resources to spill your life in the dirt if you fuck with me. So do not fuck with me." -Lifelines user “Mayor_Goodtimes”

Outside Takeride, in a large field that used to house a prairie dog preserve, fences, wire, and guard towers have been erected to form a sort of sub-Enclave called Taker Town. This is a place where Takers, Brokers, and Refugees can live and work out of. Taker Town is guarded by a machine gun nest close to the town, has a few mortar emplacements hard-sighted on it, and is under watch by Mountain Goat snipers hidden in nests above the Valley. Taker Town is as close as Latents are allowed to get to Takeride.

Inside the fences of Taker Town, it resembles a nomadic marketplace. Takers pitch their tents and camp near the entrance, or rent rooms in the ramshackle shacks built from scrounged materials. Vendors have stalls where they sell food, gear, or services of nearly any kind, and against the eastern wall, bordering Takeride, are the “conference rooms”…pre-fab sheet metal sheds that serve as private meeting places for Takers and their clients.

In the 2 years since Takeride has been founded, Taker Town has garnered a reputation as the place to find skilled Takers, especially for those in the Recession. Many brokers make a living matching Takers with clients or vice versa, gathering one or two bounty off the top of every transaction.

Taker Town rides on its reputation, and Takeride depends on the tax revenue from clients soliciting work, so being able to operate out of Taker Town for an extended period is a de facto endorsement from Goodtimes. However, those who find themselves on his bad side will often find work hard to come by. Goodtimes takes his reputation (and the reputation of Takeride) very seriously, and he’s not afraid to say it.

Taker Town

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