Takeride Tales

Session 8

Session 8

We are headed into Delta.

It is nestled into the Foothills and there is some orchard land surrounding it. We are coming into town and do not see the reinforcement fences that we would usually anticipate. There are people working out in the fields and there is a guy approaching use on a Horse and he is wearing a police Uniform. He asks us what we are doing in town. When we get to town we need to ring the bell at the gate.

We walk into town and it looks a lot more like an enclave. He tells us that the courthouse is boarded up. There are a number of pillories right before town and one has a sign that I Ate More then my share of Rations. There is a big fence around the government building that looks like it was built during the crash. It looks like a quarantine fence. Guy meets us at the gate and lets us into the old sheriff building lets us into an old interrogation room. He is deliberately trying to put us at ease. Smilely, Slicker and Boomer all go into the Interrogation Room, Gristle goes to take a crap and Wolf goes to tend to the animals.

About 15 mins later…..Frank Sherbert he says he is the Sheriff of Delta County. He has been looking over this area for the last 5 years. He says that he wants us to get him ammo 45s, 223, and 9MM. He wants a lot of it and who sent us is going to determine how much it is going to cost us. He seems to think he can push us. There have been a number of raider attacks and there is another enclave a couple of miles away that the Sheriff wants to convince that Enclave to be part of his protection Racket. He wants to get enough ammo to make sure that they accept his protection and “help”.

Smilely goes out an does some more research on Delta Meadows. It is not democratic, it is a police protection racket, like a feudal society. They have a lot of mercenary forces to lend out to other enclaves and they mostly grow wheat and export their fruit from the trees. Those that went in all head out so we can discuss our options. None of the options are great. We do discuss that if there is an explosion it will draw everyone. With Arial recon we get information that the serfs are hold up in an old Walmart that is a ways out of town proper and there are three major entrances and exits from town. There are outposts on each of the main entrances. which would be good places to blow up and draw attention.

Wolf calls up an old farming buddy of his named Earl. Earl says that he cannot much abide the people at Delta Meadows. Just before the Judge took over, there was a man named Peter Mills who attempted to democratize Delta Meadows and would be the man to talk to. Smilely is able to talk to a guy bringing a cart of food into town and is able to use a code of sorts to try and get the information. He is told that we need to go out to where the night soil is tended.

As we walk out of town there is just a horrible smell….How can you make someone work out here during over human waste. Making fertilizer. We are directed towards Peter Mills who is digging in the waste.

Smilely asks him if he has a plan and if it will work. It will work but not sure about the people since they reward those that tell on others. There is a drone that flies by occasionally most likely that is running aerial surveillance. Wolf sends out Lacotah to scout out Patrol Routes so after a bit we get a pretty obvious routes.

Slicker is Going to Take out the two on horses guarding the Walmart. Wolf will Take out the East Outpost, Gristle and Boomer on the North and Smilely.

Wolf Takes out the First outpost rider using Lacotah to unhorse him and then buries his tomahawk in his head. Slicker takes out the two riders guarding the Walmart. East Entrance is now clear.

On the North Entrance Boomer is able to take out the first patrol guard with a round through the back of the head and Gristle lines up and takes out his target.

Wolf Grabs the Patrols horse and takes off to take out the South Target while Slicker moves to to take out the Western Patrol. Slicker manages to get into cover and lay in ambush for the 2 paroling on the West Patrol. Wolf gets his horse over a bar wire fence with a great jump. Boomer does not notice the Drones headed their way as he moves to meet up with the Slaves that are coming into town. Gristle gathers up weapons to give to the slaves.

Boomer and Gristle are walking along with the Slaves and they see two people and they turn and run from the slaves and them. Gristle manages to get one in the leg and Boomer’s gun jams. Slicker lines up for a called shot and Wolf tries to stealth towards the remaining two patrolmen and they unfortunately they spot him and they shoot him in the toe, Lacotah misses her target. Smilely uses his computer wizardry to spoof the radio GPS so all the drones move off to the west. Slicker takes out the first of the two patrolmen and the other one notices that his partner is down.

Boomer lines up his shot and takes out one of the two runners. Turns out it was a 16 year old kid and not one of the sheriffs men. Boomer takes some detachment as his dad is screaming why over to the side. Slicker is waiting for the final patrolmen to run out of ammo before taking him out. Lacotah unhorses one of the patrolmen and Wolf dodges the shot and unhorses the second patrolmen. Gristle and Boomer are moving towards the barracks and is able to get the crowd into some sort of order and gets those with the metal cutting tools to the front and start opening the fence up.

Boomer spends a second to improvise the DDJ into a grenade. Slicker moves to flank the Patrolman and gets into position stealthily. Wolf and Lacotah keep fighting the two patrolmen doing damage to them. Smilely losses his grip on Ubiq. and Gristle supressing fires towards the barracks. Slicker then takes out his final Patrolman.

Boomer runs out of the crowd and he somehow manages to chuck it hard enough to fly throw the window and into the room. There is a loud boom inside and the lights go out. Then there is a lot of screams and a ton of the patrol men come running out bleeding and are trying to get away. Moral has been completely broken. Boomer realizes that while the slaves are killing the patrolmen now would be the time to get the records.

Wolf takes out his patrolman and Lacotah hamstrings the second patrolman. Smilely realizes that the drones have had manual control taken back over and they look to be headed to do kamikaze attacks. Smilely sets ground level to negative 300 feet and all the drones explode harmlessly out in the town.

Gristle and Boomer head into the building and move towards the records office. Gristle notices Wi-Fi Cameras in the office that only turn on when he is moving. Someone has rigged up the cameras to act as motion sensors. The decide to not worry about it. HE was arrested in a prostitution sting where he was caught with a 16 year old girl. He had the record hidden as best as he could after arguing it down to solicitation.

The pull out the judge and sting him up from a lamp post. They are gathering up the rest of the patrolmen to do the same thing.

We make it back to Takeride and a B-Mail Drone meets us there. Johnson meets us with payment.

Loot So Far

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)
Soylant – 2 charges worth
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
3 Haul worth of Medical Supply
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
2 Rifles – Automatics

3 Bounty
6 Bounty off dead Raiders
9 Bounty
= 18 bounty


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