Old Man Morris

"Nosir, I won't be playin' that fluff. That stuffs not worth the knock-off Korg synthesizer the original was recorded on."


An older man in his 70s, Old Man Morris seems to have his finger on the pulse of what’s hot in post-Crash music. Not only that, but he’s good with a soldering iron…most of the instruments he plays weren’t even instruments before he posted the specs on Ubiq.

He lives in a shanty and plays music for the townsfolk. Most people give him a free pass.


“Yeah, we call him Old Man Morris. Honestly, he’s old, but I’m pretty sure as shit his name isn’t “Morris”. He’s a cool old coot, honestly. He found a broken Speak-And-Spell a while back, now he’s got it running on solar power and it sings backup vocals for some of his weirder pieces. Don’t worry too much about him, he’s cool people." -Lifelines User “Frankenpud”

Old Man Morris

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