An almost Legendary Taker in the Southwest near Utah


We currently have a Rep spot from Delta after we were able to rescue his wife and kids from a mob of casualties. (Take Care of our Own) In addition Delta is also Available as a reference for free one time.


When Delta was in it, he was the kind of guy who had to turn down work. He once got six truckloads of ice delivered to an enclave on the west coast…SIX TRUCKLOADS. All so they could keep their avocados fresh for the ride back to the Recession. People weren’t even supposed to know about it, but keeping six working refrigerator cars alive across hundreds of miles of desolate highway and back? That’s the stuff of legend. Where do you find the gas? The drivers? The muscle?

Word is he’s getting out of the game soon. One of the Missionaries out in SLC said he was pretty sure Delta had already got his family out of town, and last anyone heard, they were on their way to Free Parking to hang out and wait for him to show up. Let’s hope they make it…Delta is a hard-assed sonuvabitch, but he’s a straight shooter and a god damn legend. Be a shame if something happened to his family.

-Lifeline Forums user FACE_OF_BHO_420


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