Takeride Tales

Session 7

So We divide up the haul from the stupid raiders. Everyone gets 16 with Wolf getting 17 after Smilely sells off all our goods. Wolf takes stress from having to get himself healed up and then takes another stress as we trains up his athletics.


Wolf is coming back from the clinic when he meets up with Molly and she is wanting to try and get a job. She says that she wants to learn first aid because that would be super helpful in being a Taker leader some day. So they head off to the clinic and talk with Ms Ratchet and Wolf is able to convince her to bring Molly on an assistant.

Gristle and Whizbang take the dog out on a walk out on the trails outside of town. Whizbang says it is really easy to forget what the world is like in the wooded areas out here. She always wanted to get back here if she could. Gristle sees a frog jump into the water and all he can remember is the tentacle aberrant as it comes crashing down towards Smilely.

Boomer is out with Red and Red wants him to get him a part in the Macbeth Play that they are putting on in the restored playhouse. They go to talk with Billy the Bard because he is directing the upcoming MacBeth play. Boomer is trying to get Billy to include Red in the play and gives him a very persuasive argument and the director gives her the part of Lady MacBeth.

Smilely and Moonbeam are having a dinner of roast rat. They talk about the farm but Moonbeam is feeling a little down today. Old man Morris’s daughter Sunshine got a crystal from one of her dad’s taker friends. Moonbeam seems to want some sort of a gift from out in the Loss. So Smilely says that if he sees something she might like out in the loss he will bring it back.

Slicker is out in their little garden talking with his wife. She is concerned about the food in the pantry and is trying to figure out where they will get more food, since the last job did not pay much. She heard that there is some great new fertilizer that makes crops grow more quickly. She asks Slicker if she can get her some of the new Fertilizer. He finds out that the Dirt Smith is the new source of fertilizer. Turns out that the fertilizer is the poop cleaned out of the out houses. Slicker is not able to convince the Dirt Smith to give him any at this time but he says he can get him some in about 6 weeks.

Jobs Available
Geiko –
Gooky – He wants the Soylent at 10 bounty per haul
Mr Johnson (the middle man) is looking for another Taker Group – 13 base price we decided to look into this job and there is a group of Mountain goats called Gruff looking to get this job as well.

Smilely goes in to meet with Mr. Johnson. He calls up his client on Skype. An older woman in her forties wearing business casual answers the Skype call. She needs to find out information on someone that she works with. She needs us to go to a records repository and recover the hard copies since they were not digitized.

Wolf goes and talks with the head of the Gruffs. Wolf is able to get him to spill the beans on Caroline. It turns out that she is doing this off the books, so she is doing this without authorization. Caroline pushes at Smilely with his poor white trash spot saying that she has a lot of options. He counters against her with her spot saying that he is just a poor white boy and knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Slicker goes to talk with the Gruffs to try and dissuade them from taking the job. We never know what those DHQS guys are going to send us into. All the bounty in the world is not worth going into that hell hole.

Caroline appreciates that we are offering discretion and she is glad that she is going to be able to spend her money with a good group off people. Just some friendly advice do not lead with being DHQS as a lot of people out here don’t trust you guys. Gristle gets on Ubiq and tries to find out more about Caroline. He is able to find out that she has kids and seems to want to move up in the world and seems to think she is missing out on the finer things of life. (Fear of missing out)

This job needs to be done quickly and this job needs to be done with discretion. She does not have a lot of money and so she is doing this to try and get ahead. Smilely pushes back saying she wants to make a better life for her kids and so she needs to pay a premium. Boomer goes on Ubiq and push up the demand for records and increases the cost of the job to 18.

The Job is going to pay
+20 for Hazard
+ Upkeep for everything

We need to go to Delta Colorado and find the criminal records for one William Green. She has reason to suspect he has misrepresented himself to DHQS. If he is made to step down it would be good for her and then she could be in a better position. He was arrested and she wants to know for what. The records are in the old Delta County Courthouse. There is some sort of a settlement in Delta off Satellite pictures so it should be an easy in and out for us.

The Job
Slicker does research into Delta Colorado. He had a logger friend named Griswald that lives out near Delta. Griswald says the best way to go is the Highway, but there are Randians so avoid the highway so most likely head out through the back trails. The Randians are actively seeking us out.

Smilely is able to find a guy that just came through Delta on lifelines. It seems like a farming community growing cold weather fruits. It seemed to be fine and that they are all subsistence farmers. There is still an active police force in Delta and they were the only trouble he got. The police run a protection racket on everything in town.

Leg 1
As we head out on the trails Slicker is scouting out ahead and we come up to a place where it would be a great place to ambush us. There is a dead casualty there with a crushed head and there is a line mans pole still up the pole with a hammock up in the lines.

Wolf climbs up and grabs the back pack and on the way down he slips when the back pack catches on a bolt. Wolf freaks out a bit as he feels he is going to fall Gristle is able to climb up and grab him and pull him back onto the ladder. Gristle and Wolf then make it back down to the ground and the back pack drops. Wolf scavenges the amns body once they are back down.

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)

Slicker grabs the recorder and starts playing it as loud as it can go. Please let my family know that I am dead and then he goes into apologies….

Leg 2
As Slicker is riding ahead he sees a herd of wild horses out in the middle of a meadow. Slicker and Wolf are each able to get a rope around one of them each. So we are able to grab two new horses. Smilely wants to kill another one but we talk him out of it while we try to sell the information about their location. No one wants it so Smilely kills one of the horses for a ration refresh.

Leg 3
We are coming up on a 2 lane paved road and there are a number of vehicles on the road. There are red duct tape crosses on the side and there are no other people around that we see…The only thing moving is a thing that is attacking the windshield in a panel van at the back of the column. Lacotah goes up to the cars and sees nothing alive and there is a latent bashing against the windshield. There are other shapes looming in the background so we assume there is extra casualties in there.

Wolf goes and opens the door and has Lacotah read to kite the casualties away. As he opens the door the casualties all come out and so does a Vector. Slicker, Gristle, Boomer and Smilely all unload into the vector as it is coming out. The Vector charges slicker who is able to dodge out of the way. Smilely then takes aim and blasts the vector in the head from the side. We then take out the remainder of the casualties which are all the crusaders.

We find a total of three bounty a machete, and 3 haul worth of medical supplies. All of the vehicles have already been stripped by someone else who just did not bother to take care of the vector. It was most likely an aberrant vector.

Leg 4
We have to get on the paved road now and head into a small town. There is a museum in this town and out in front of the museum is some men in the black hoods of slavers. They are all dead. Wolf send Lacotah up to check out the dead bodies. Lacotah does not see any movement inside the museum and there are feet laying on the ground.

Wolf stealths up to the building and finds that the door locked. Smilely has to come up and unlock the door for Wolf and Wolf ghosts inside the building. There at the door is an older dead man that died of a gunshot wound. This museum is entirely devoted to a geode that was found nearby. The man at the door likely died protecting the museum for what is now only the 2nd largest geode. Smilely is able to get a crystal out of the gift shop.

Loot So Far

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)
3 Bounty
3 Haul worth of Medical Supply
We scavenge on Set of Tires that we put in the hum-vee
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
Soylant – 2 charges worth
6 Bounty off dead Raiders


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