Takeride Tales

Session 6

Killing Raiders

We head out and go along the river. There are a lot of pings from the probes on the river so we need to head that way to find the rest of them. We head into a steep valley where the river cut into the landscape. As we walk under a dense canopy of trees we find another 2 geo probes. One of the probes that Smilely finds is too far up on the bank of the river because it seems to high up.

Smilely checks it to see if there are any signals going out and even though it is odd there is no trap. As we are walking along we find a sign that has been messed up to say take only Sacrifices leave only Ruin. On the bottom is a stick figure and it seems to resemble old Aztec God which is likely a god of Rain. Behind the sign we find two more Geo Probes.

Wolf sends Lacotah out to scout.. She catches the trail right away and she comes up to a clearing of some sort and it looks like there was some sort of air drop. It was meant for the 10th Mountain division. there is also a body in the clearing in the trees and there is a large crater in the clearing as well.

Wolf stealths up to the air drop and recognizes the body of one of Takers from Takeride. Before flipping over the body Boomer inspects the area and finds that the crater is from a mine and when we flip over the body after Boomer clears it we find that the body is Villhelmina another member of the Moths. She stepped on a mine as well. There should have been another Moth with her but Bunny is not here so we are not certain where she is. It was Bunnies idea to use the geo probes in the first place.

Boomer checks for addition mines and does not find anything. He then checks the crates for traps. All the crates are unopened and still sealed. As Wolf opens up the crate the lid flips open and a flare is fired into the sky and it explodes loudly. So we decide to book it.

We send Lacotah out in front and she starts pawing at a tree just a ways up from us. There is a drone in the tree. Wolf is able to scramble up the tree and grab the drone. There is a arrow in one of the rotors. There is a lot of markings and it looks to belong to the Moths. It was running a thermal imagining camera and it hoovered in place for a time and then it was shot down.

We decide to head up the valley a little bit so we can find a palce to hunker down for the night. Smilely hacks into the drones camera and is able to get a lot of data. He is able to see the moment of Vilhemina’s death. After Vilhemina’s death Bunny bolts and then after a time 6 men come up and loot the body.

That night while Boomer is on watch he begins to here drums off in the distance. Boomer can see the faint glint of fire in the distance. Lacotah is sent out to scout but it is dark so we cannot see much on the camera. Wolf stealths up to her position and sees a severed head that has had the skin pealed off of it. The meat is still there and it really freaks Wolf out. Just up the trail there is another head on a stick and then further up the trail there is another head on a stick. Wolf is not happy with this and so heads off towards the village.

Smiley and Boomer decide to Stealth up towards the village and while he does so he gets a ping off of a couple more probes. Smilely crosses the trail and sees the head and is totally okay with that. He finds about a dozen more probes that have gotten caught up in the vegetation in this area. The water level seems higher then it was before. The trail gets cut off by the river as the river seems to be deeper then it was before.

Wolf and Smiley start to cross the river where it crosses over the trail. Smilely is just able to make out the coyote trap that has been submerged in the water. Wolf steps into one of the traps and it snaps shut on his leg. Smilely then quickly gets it off his leg. Smilely is able to get everyone across the ford safely and once they are there Gristle is able to patch Wolf up and is able to grab the ligament before it rolls up into his leg and fixes it up. Wolf is feeling much better.

There was some sort of foot bridge at one time, but it was removed t some time in the past to force people across the river on their terms. As we are walking Lacotah is still on point. She keeps signaling causality but Wolf does not see anything on the go Pro so he goes to check it out. There against the tree is a casualty that is tied to the trees and the skin has been pealed off them. Gristle figures out that to make this happen they would have to be skinned alive first and then infected with the blight.

As we are walking down the trail we find 6 more of the geo probes. As we go we take turns killing crucified Casualties. There is a clearing up ahead and we are about a mile away from the mountain ahead. The clearing used to be wooded but all the trees have been taken down. At the end of the clearing there is a bunch of wooden spikes like a old roman encampment and it stretches across the main run up to the mountain.

Wolf tries to stealth out and as he does he realizes that he has been seen and is able to duck behind cover just as a crack of a rifle sounds in the valley. Smiley heads towards the opposite side and Wolf sends Lacotah to scout and she hits on something coming from the valley wall. Boomer stealths up to the side of the valley to try and take the sniper out.

Wolf stealths out of cover and tries to get out of the snipers sights. Gristle comes charging through the underbrush and as he does so a guy pops up and whips a spear at him and so he ducks into cover just as the sniper opens up on him, but misses as he ducks into cover. Smilely is able to spot the sniper and so he starts to set up a shot against him. Boomer gets a bead on the guy across the river that is hiding behind some bushes. Smilely lined up his shot perfectly and takes the shot and hits him center mass and then he tumbles and the fall kills him.

Wolf charges the spear chucker and takes off one of his legs removing him from the fight. Gristle is able to spot another spear chucker and hits him with a shot. Smilely is able to take another one down with a shot to the head. Wolf gets up and charges the last spear chucker and takes off his arm that Boomer had shot him.

While the fighting was going on the drums began to beat again. Gristle figures out that the only way to make a drum is to use skin of some sort and so takes some physiological damage. Gristle lines up a shot and takes out one of the drummers. As he does that a machine gunner up in the trees opens up on Gristle who dives back into cover. Another two guys jump out of the trees and moves into cover behind the spikes. Smilely tries to take a shot at one of them but misses. Boomer Then hits the tree wich causes the machine gunnery to twitch and fall of his platform breaking his next.

Wolf moves up to the wall with Lacotah. An arrow comes out at Gristle and he is able to dodge out of the way. Boomer does not see a shot coming towards him and takes a big hit to his arm. Smilely is able to duck behind cover and can feel it as the heavy rifle round smashes into the rocks in front of him. Gristle opens up on the bowmen and does some damage to him. Boomer tried to shoot the heavy rifle man, but it just barely misses.

Wolf hops of the fence and makes it to cover as the light rifle on the other side opens up on him while Lacotah goes and knocks down the bowmen that was behind the wall. The Heavy rifle fires at Smilely cracking the boulder that he was hiding behind. Gristle takes a shot at the heavy rifle and grazes his temple. Boomer is suppressed by the new SAW guy, but he is able to pop up and take a shot at the SAW guy doing some damage to his torso. Smilely pops up from out behind the now broken boulder and unloads his rifle at him killing him with a lot of bullets to the chest.

Wolf and Lacotah take out the bowman that Lacotah was keeping down while the Light Machine gun opens up on Wolf wounding him in the leg. Gristle takes a shot at the light rifle wounding him. Boomer then takes a shot at the SAW guy killing him as he falls out of the tree. Smiliely lines up a precision shot on the light machine gun guy and takes him out. Wolf then finds cover while Gristle lines up a shot on the drummer as he does so the bowman fires at him and then realizes that he is the last one left and bolts. Boomer kills him as he runs and smilely takes out a drummer.

As we make our way into the village we see that Bunny is locked up in a cage above the drummers. Gristle pops both of the drummers in the head. The village has been here for awhile. There is a number of tree houses and platforms so they can stay above the water that seems to be getting deeper here. There is a platform above the others that is covered in blood and gore and cover in pieces of people. This is where the skinning happened. This was full on a death cult.We let Bunny down and out of the cage she is wearing ceremonial grim cloth. Gristle looks her over as she gets changed into clothes other then the dead skin and grim cloth. She is zoned out but she is also coherent. She is likely on the down side of a mushroom trip. Wolf is able to scavenge up some bounty in the village while Gristle give medical attention to Bunny. Smilely stays on over watch for casualties.

Smilely realizes that this raider group would sell people down the river, which meant they got tied up and tossed them in the river. The cult here took this idea to the max. And would throw lots of people down the river. Wolf also manages to find some writing material called Aztec. It is a book of Fiction that takes place before the Spanish invasion of Mexico. They were using it as a bible. They were likely sowing the flesh they skinned off others to the people that they were throwing down the river to please the Aztec god.

We head around the back side and find another 7 more probes that are in deeper water. Smilely starts swimming after the probes and it gets really deep as he goes out into the middle of the pond. There is a huge tentacle that comes out of the water. It looks like the blight as combined a bunch of heads and arms and legs are all combined together. Wolf bolts as he cracks from the stress. More tentacles come up out of the water but they are frozen like they are waiting for something. Boomer decides to throw a flash bang to distract the tentacles while they haul Smilely in as fast as they can. The tentacle comes down where Smilely was. The suction from the river going underground is what is keeping it in place.

Wolf bolts all the way back through the village and collapses at the edge of the forest. Boomer has to threaten to let Willy hang out with Molly again to get him moving. We hike back out and see that there were Raiders tracking us, many of them were treed or they killed each other. We earn a good rep spot with the Goodtimes by giving him the drone with all of the data in the valley.

Bunny kept pushing the group on even though they should not have. Only Yeti and Bunny survived.

From Session 5
74 Bounty
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Big Knife

Loot This Season
10 Bounty
Drone –
Heavy Rifle

Total Bounty
84 Boutny
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Drone – Gave Data to Goodtimes
Heavy Rifle – Mount it on the Humvee


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