Takeride Tales

Session 5

And Then


Boomer goes to the market with Red and they talk about trying to get her out more often. He is trying to talk her into spending some time with Moonbeam. At the market there is a paper flower stall. The merchant tries to sell them a paper rose and Red is very excited about it and so Boomer asks her to try and get out more and he will get her some flowers. She agrees that she will at least try but would like to start out with Gristle’s dog instead of an actual person.

Wolf talks with Molly about how she likes the CDs that he got for her. She is super excited about the CD’s and really likes the Techno Folk Rock cd’s that he got for her. She is so excited about it that she wants to play the Electric Violin. The only person in town that has one is Old Man Morris. Wolf goes and talks with him. After some negotiations Wolf tells him that he will get Gristle to take a look at

Smiley contacts and underground social working trying to get his papers. She goes by the name of Karen. She says that there is no assurance that this is a sure thing. She says that she can get him some papers but the DHQS may arrest them and the papers are no guarantee of safety. She puts him on hold and says that they will be back in contact in 7-10 business days.

Moonbeam and Smiley are working in the garden and Moonbeam is talking about the ripe tomatoes. Smiley is remembering the head of the indentures blowing up like ripe tomatoes. He goes on picking tomatoes until Moonbeam drops on and it splatters on the ground.

Slicker and Susan are cleaning up the horse Mishka and talking about how he misses the wide open plains of Montana. She reminds him that there was a lot of Mountains in Montana as well. He then spaces out as he has flash backs of being chased with bullets whizzing past him and Susan.

Gristle goes and talks with the Techno Cowboys to go scout out a location for a new enclave. It is Old Man Morris’ kids and so is part of the reason Old Man Morris doesn’t like Gristle. They will start with some drone flights and then once they find some likely spots they can go and scope them out. They negotiate it out a little bit and it will be 20 bounty total.

Gristle goes to the market and picks up some food to go and meet up with Whiz Bang. As he walks into the house everything has been re-arranged. The music is in alphabetical order. The dishes are being washed and she is trying to stack everything on top of each other. She got a little nervous and when she gets nervous she cleans. She even arranged the pictures largest to smallest. Gristle brought back spam and Whiz Bang is a vegetarian. She asks him to get some vegetables from Moonbeam. And so they go out to the farm to talk with Moonbeam about getting some veggies for Whiz Bang. Moonbeam and Whizbang start talking about how to life on a vegetarian diet and Gristle gets a little bent out of shape as he does not understand the vegetarian diet as military guys don’t get it. And so tells herr that she can get the iron and protein she needs from beef.

The Job

Gootimes Calls us all to his office. He is hesitant to accept any new citizens to Takeride but right now Ubiq is blowing up with offers from the Randians to get their indenture back and they are offering a reward. He is not the type to turn us over to them and he will not likely do so but we need to earn his good will. So we need to do something for him. We will not be able to take the Humvee as we

Model Beauty (Taker Group) went out to the South East to map the rivers and creeks and ponds. They are a pro bono Taker group that does work for the Moths and so he wants us to find out where Model Beauty Takers went and if possible recover the drones that were doing the data collections. They are 10 days over due and the tree cover is too dense to get any ubiq signals of where Specs, Yeti Whilhelmena, Zero.

Have to walk along the water ways until we see the Bluetooth signals that the “drones” are transmitting. The “drones” are just old smart phones and other things that have been put into pop bottles and taped closed to float down the river collecting data.

There is a trail that goes along the river and we head off towards the last known location of Specs. As we move along the trail there is sounds of dronkeys up ahead. Wolf send Lakotah to scout it out and she stealths up. The video she sends back is of a kid walking along with two dronkeys in front and two dronkeys in back. All four are loaded for bear. The group splits into two with Slicker and Wolf hiding in the woods and Smiley, Boomer and Gristle heading towards the kid.

The Dronkeys form up into a firing line and the little boy tells him that they are okay and to hold hire. One of the dronkeys say that they ran into the group a few weeks ago. The trail down that way is pretty bad down that way. The drones are being operated by someone but the people are not likely too close. HE says that there is a lot of fighting down that way. There are a lot of guys down there. There are a lot of bones down that way, they might be eating each other. Wolf has Smiley buy him and extra set of rations and Boomer buys a grenade off of him. His name is Paul the Walker and he is a latent child.

When we get to the last known location of Spec we find a rather square hole. Wolf knows that that is definitely a pit trap. There are three bodies inside, nine feet deep with bamboo spikes inside it. The specs are undamaged and he had put a bullet in his own head. There are two casualties in the hole with him likely drain by the screaming from a man impaled on stakes. We are able to Lasso Specs body and drag it. He has a 3 hour black box on his Ubiq and Smiley sees them all talking and then sees the image blur as he falls into a hole. Smiley fails his self control check as he watches the casualties fall into the hole. Smiley is able to pull data off the specs that give us a more precise location of the “drones”. There are 6 different locations that will get us within a half mile of the creeks.

We continue on down the trail for about a day and as we walk Wolf spots a trip wire hooked up to a tree with sharp spikes. These are man maiming traps meant to leave you hurt and screaming. Wolf then spots a pit trap right before Slickers horse steps in it. Up ahead it looks like a few structures built out of trees. Lacotah goes up to scout out the structures and there is not anyone in residence at the time. She then comes around a corner and there is a pile of human bones that obviously has tool marks and damage on them.

The structures are basic lean toos and there is not a lot worth of value in the area.. Smiley spots an area of dirt that has been disturbed. He finds an old Altoid tins that has 4 bounty in it. The pits are made to keep people alive until they are ready to eat whatever is in there. There are claw marks in the sides of the pits as they were trying to dig there way out. The bottom of the pit us a darker red color so there were people dying in these pits.

There is not much of a conversation to know that we are going to hang around and try to kill every last one of them. We set up in ambush and then we wait. It is about 3 hours wait time. They come back with milk jugs carrying water and they are all women. They are all missing their right breasts and are carrying bows. The last one in the back is dragging a captive. Slicker takes a called shot at the one in the back taking her in the head as Wolf charges one of the one in the front. Lacotah and him take out one of the Raiders while Boomer and Smiley take out the last one. Wolf sends Lacotah after the captive and unfortunately she is still in fight mode and accidentally kills the captive as he was trying tog get away.

Wolf is back on point and feels the trip wire at the last second. He is able to step back as a wooden spear comes flying in and just barely dodges it. We come up to the river and are able to find the first of the five beacons. Near where it is at there is a group of 7 casualties. Slicker and Smiley take them out with little problem and we loot 7 bounty off of them. The ap beeps slightly as we come across the first of the drones and as we work our way up we are able to find 8 of the drones. They had released almost 50 of these things.

We either have to go through the woods this time or follow on the trail. Lacotah is sent to scout it out and there are at least twelve people in the camp and they have pits and a fire going. There is something cooking on the fire. We decide to wait until dark and go in once it is night time. There are three guards milling about keeping watch. The sneaky people move up into position. Smiley and Slicker move up into the trees and Boomer stealths up after Wolf. Smiley, Boomer, Slicker each take out one sentry and Wolf sneaks into the camp and starts to kill people. He is able to kill 4 people before he accidentally trips on a bottle trap and wakes up the remaining 5 raiders. Boomer opens up and puts a grouping of bullets in his chest.

One of the raiders takes a shoot at wolf but is still sleepy and so he misses. Slicker opens up on the next in line and puts a small grouping in his chest and Wolf charges him and buries his tomahawk in the wound that the bullets had opened up and dropped the raider. Lacotah charged another one and bite into his side and the raider stabbed at her and she just barely dodged out of the way. The final raider charges at Wolf with a wicked big knife and Wolf is able to dodge out of the way. Boomer and Slicker open up on the raider fighting Lacotah and put him down with center mass shoots. Wolf then goes postal on the remaining raider and Lacotah finishes him off. No one really cares that Wolf is covered in raider blood. We fine three more geo probes among the bodies bringing us to 11.

We hear whispering in the pit. Is another out there. Smiley looks down into the pit and Yeti is down there. Yeti is tied to a rope and his leg is missing. Gristle moves over and assess him and determines that his leg was cauterized after his leg was cut off. Boomer notices that there are mobs of casualties coming in. We are able to get Yeti loaded up onto Mishka and tie him up. Lacotah kites one of the incoming mobs and we are able to finish looting the camp. We come away with a fair amount of bounty and are able to refresh a number of our pieces of gear.

Loot So Far
74 Bounty
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Three Bows
Big Knife

Total Bounty From Job


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