Takeride Tales

Session 8
Session 8

We are headed into Delta.

It is nestled into the Foothills and there is some orchard land surrounding it. We are coming into town and do not see the reinforcement fences that we would usually anticipate. There are people working out in the fields and there is a guy approaching use on a Horse and he is wearing a police Uniform. He asks us what we are doing in town. When we get to town we need to ring the bell at the gate.

We walk into town and it looks a lot more like an enclave. He tells us that the courthouse is boarded up. There are a number of pillories right before town and one has a sign that I Ate More then my share of Rations. There is a big fence around the government building that looks like it was built during the crash. It looks like a quarantine fence. Guy meets us at the gate and lets us into the old sheriff building lets us into an old interrogation room. He is deliberately trying to put us at ease. Smilely, Slicker and Boomer all go into the Interrogation Room, Gristle goes to take a crap and Wolf goes to tend to the animals.

About 15 mins later…..Frank Sherbert he says he is the Sheriff of Delta County. He has been looking over this area for the last 5 years. He says that he wants us to get him ammo 45s, 223, and 9MM. He wants a lot of it and who sent us is going to determine how much it is going to cost us. He seems to think he can push us. There have been a number of raider attacks and there is another enclave a couple of miles away that the Sheriff wants to convince that Enclave to be part of his protection Racket. He wants to get enough ammo to make sure that they accept his protection and “help”.

Smilely goes out an does some more research on Delta Meadows. It is not democratic, it is a police protection racket, like a feudal society. They have a lot of mercenary forces to lend out to other enclaves and they mostly grow wheat and export their fruit from the trees. Those that went in all head out so we can discuss our options. None of the options are great. We do discuss that if there is an explosion it will draw everyone. With Arial recon we get information that the serfs are hold up in an old Walmart that is a ways out of town proper and there are three major entrances and exits from town. There are outposts on each of the main entrances. which would be good places to blow up and draw attention.

Wolf calls up an old farming buddy of his named Earl. Earl says that he cannot much abide the people at Delta Meadows. Just before the Judge took over, there was a man named Peter Mills who attempted to democratize Delta Meadows and would be the man to talk to. Smilely is able to talk to a guy bringing a cart of food into town and is able to use a code of sorts to try and get the information. He is told that we need to go out to where the night soil is tended.

As we walk out of town there is just a horrible smell….How can you make someone work out here during over human waste. Making fertilizer. We are directed towards Peter Mills who is digging in the waste.

Smilely asks him if he has a plan and if it will work. It will work but not sure about the people since they reward those that tell on others. There is a drone that flies by occasionally most likely that is running aerial surveillance. Wolf sends out Lacotah to scout out Patrol Routes so after a bit we get a pretty obvious routes.

Slicker is Going to Take out the two on horses guarding the Walmart. Wolf will Take out the East Outpost, Gristle and Boomer on the North and Smilely.

Wolf Takes out the First outpost rider using Lacotah to unhorse him and then buries his tomahawk in his head. Slicker takes out the two riders guarding the Walmart. East Entrance is now clear.

On the North Entrance Boomer is able to take out the first patrol guard with a round through the back of the head and Gristle lines up and takes out his target.

Wolf Grabs the Patrols horse and takes off to take out the South Target while Slicker moves to to take out the Western Patrol. Slicker manages to get into cover and lay in ambush for the 2 paroling on the West Patrol. Wolf gets his horse over a bar wire fence with a great jump. Boomer does not notice the Drones headed their way as he moves to meet up with the Slaves that are coming into town. Gristle gathers up weapons to give to the slaves.

Boomer and Gristle are walking along with the Slaves and they see two people and they turn and run from the slaves and them. Gristle manages to get one in the leg and Boomer’s gun jams. Slicker lines up for a called shot and Wolf tries to stealth towards the remaining two patrolmen and they unfortunately they spot him and they shoot him in the toe, Lacotah misses her target. Smilely uses his computer wizardry to spoof the radio GPS so all the drones move off to the west. Slicker takes out the first of the two patrolmen and the other one notices that his partner is down.

Boomer lines up his shot and takes out one of the two runners. Turns out it was a 16 year old kid and not one of the sheriffs men. Boomer takes some detachment as his dad is screaming why over to the side. Slicker is waiting for the final patrolmen to run out of ammo before taking him out. Lacotah unhorses one of the patrolmen and Wolf dodges the shot and unhorses the second patrolmen. Gristle and Boomer are moving towards the barracks and is able to get the crowd into some sort of order and gets those with the metal cutting tools to the front and start opening the fence up.

Boomer spends a second to improvise the DDJ into a grenade. Slicker moves to flank the Patrolman and gets into position stealthily. Wolf and Lacotah keep fighting the two patrolmen doing damage to them. Smilely losses his grip on Ubiq. and Gristle supressing fires towards the barracks. Slicker then takes out his final Patrolman.

Boomer runs out of the crowd and he somehow manages to chuck it hard enough to fly throw the window and into the room. There is a loud boom inside and the lights go out. Then there is a lot of screams and a ton of the patrol men come running out bleeding and are trying to get away. Moral has been completely broken. Boomer realizes that while the slaves are killing the patrolmen now would be the time to get the records.

Wolf takes out his patrolman and Lacotah hamstrings the second patrolman. Smilely realizes that the drones have had manual control taken back over and they look to be headed to do kamikaze attacks. Smilely sets ground level to negative 300 feet and all the drones explode harmlessly out in the town.

Gristle and Boomer head into the building and move towards the records office. Gristle notices Wi-Fi Cameras in the office that only turn on when he is moving. Someone has rigged up the cameras to act as motion sensors. The decide to not worry about it. HE was arrested in a prostitution sting where he was caught with a 16 year old girl. He had the record hidden as best as he could after arguing it down to solicitation.

The pull out the judge and sting him up from a lamp post. They are gathering up the rest of the patrolmen to do the same thing.

We make it back to Takeride and a B-Mail Drone meets us there. Johnson meets us with payment.

Loot So Far

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)
Soylant – 2 charges worth
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
3 Haul worth of Medical Supply
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
2 Rifles – Automatics

3 Bounty
6 Bounty off dead Raiders
9 Bounty
= 18 bounty

Session 7

So We divide up the haul from the stupid raiders. Everyone gets 16 with Wolf getting 17 after Smilely sells off all our goods. Wolf takes stress from having to get himself healed up and then takes another stress as we trains up his athletics.


Wolf is coming back from the clinic when he meets up with Molly and she is wanting to try and get a job. She says that she wants to learn first aid because that would be super helpful in being a Taker leader some day. So they head off to the clinic and talk with Ms Ratchet and Wolf is able to convince her to bring Molly on an assistant.

Gristle and Whizbang take the dog out on a walk out on the trails outside of town. Whizbang says it is really easy to forget what the world is like in the wooded areas out here. She always wanted to get back here if she could. Gristle sees a frog jump into the water and all he can remember is the tentacle aberrant as it comes crashing down towards Smilely.

Boomer is out with Red and Red wants him to get him a part in the Macbeth Play that they are putting on in the restored playhouse. They go to talk with Billy the Bard because he is directing the upcoming MacBeth play. Boomer is trying to get Billy to include Red in the play and gives him a very persuasive argument and the director gives her the part of Lady MacBeth.

Smilely and Moonbeam are having a dinner of roast rat. They talk about the farm but Moonbeam is feeling a little down today. Old man Morris’s daughter Sunshine got a crystal from one of her dad’s taker friends. Moonbeam seems to want some sort of a gift from out in the Loss. So Smilely says that if he sees something she might like out in the loss he will bring it back.

Slicker is out in their little garden talking with his wife. She is concerned about the food in the pantry and is trying to figure out where they will get more food, since the last job did not pay much. She heard that there is some great new fertilizer that makes crops grow more quickly. She asks Slicker if she can get her some of the new Fertilizer. He finds out that the Dirt Smith is the new source of fertilizer. Turns out that the fertilizer is the poop cleaned out of the out houses. Slicker is not able to convince the Dirt Smith to give him any at this time but he says he can get him some in about 6 weeks.

Jobs Available
Geiko –
Gooky – He wants the Soylent at 10 bounty per haul
Mr Johnson (the middle man) is looking for another Taker Group – 13 base price we decided to look into this job and there is a group of Mountain goats called Gruff looking to get this job as well.

Smilely goes in to meet with Mr. Johnson. He calls up his client on Skype. An older woman in her forties wearing business casual answers the Skype call. She needs to find out information on someone that she works with. She needs us to go to a records repository and recover the hard copies since they were not digitized.

Wolf goes and talks with the head of the Gruffs. Wolf is able to get him to spill the beans on Caroline. It turns out that she is doing this off the books, so she is doing this without authorization. Caroline pushes at Smilely with his poor white trash spot saying that she has a lot of options. He counters against her with her spot saying that he is just a poor white boy and knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Slicker goes to talk with the Gruffs to try and dissuade them from taking the job. We never know what those DHQS guys are going to send us into. All the bounty in the world is not worth going into that hell hole.

Caroline appreciates that we are offering discretion and she is glad that she is going to be able to spend her money with a good group off people. Just some friendly advice do not lead with being DHQS as a lot of people out here don’t trust you guys. Gristle gets on Ubiq and tries to find out more about Caroline. He is able to find out that she has kids and seems to want to move up in the world and seems to think she is missing out on the finer things of life. (Fear of missing out)

This job needs to be done quickly and this job needs to be done with discretion. She does not have a lot of money and so she is doing this to try and get ahead. Smilely pushes back saying she wants to make a better life for her kids and so she needs to pay a premium. Boomer goes on Ubiq and push up the demand for records and increases the cost of the job to 18.

The Job is going to pay
+20 for Hazard
+ Upkeep for everything

We need to go to Delta Colorado and find the criminal records for one William Green. She has reason to suspect he has misrepresented himself to DHQS. If he is made to step down it would be good for her and then she could be in a better position. He was arrested and she wants to know for what. The records are in the old Delta County Courthouse. There is some sort of a settlement in Delta off Satellite pictures so it should be an easy in and out for us.

The Job
Slicker does research into Delta Colorado. He had a logger friend named Griswald that lives out near Delta. Griswald says the best way to go is the Highway, but there are Randians so avoid the highway so most likely head out through the back trails. The Randians are actively seeking us out.

Smilely is able to find a guy that just came through Delta on lifelines. It seems like a farming community growing cold weather fruits. It seemed to be fine and that they are all subsistence farmers. There is still an active police force in Delta and they were the only trouble he got. The police run a protection racket on everything in town.

Leg 1
As we head out on the trails Slicker is scouting out ahead and we come up to a place where it would be a great place to ambush us. There is a dead casualty there with a crushed head and there is a line mans pole still up the pole with a hammock up in the lines.

Wolf climbs up and grabs the back pack and on the way down he slips when the back pack catches on a bolt. Wolf freaks out a bit as he feels he is going to fall Gristle is able to climb up and grab him and pull him back onto the ladder. Gristle and Wolf then make it back down to the ground and the back pack drops. Wolf scavenges the amns body once they are back down.

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)

Slicker grabs the recorder and starts playing it as loud as it can go. Please let my family know that I am dead and then he goes into apologies….

Leg 2
As Slicker is riding ahead he sees a herd of wild horses out in the middle of a meadow. Slicker and Wolf are each able to get a rope around one of them each. So we are able to grab two new horses. Smilely wants to kill another one but we talk him out of it while we try to sell the information about their location. No one wants it so Smilely kills one of the horses for a ration refresh.

Leg 3
We are coming up on a 2 lane paved road and there are a number of vehicles on the road. There are red duct tape crosses on the side and there are no other people around that we see…The only thing moving is a thing that is attacking the windshield in a panel van at the back of the column. Lacotah goes up to the cars and sees nothing alive and there is a latent bashing against the windshield. There are other shapes looming in the background so we assume there is extra casualties in there.

Wolf goes and opens the door and has Lacotah read to kite the casualties away. As he opens the door the casualties all come out and so does a Vector. Slicker, Gristle, Boomer and Smilely all unload into the vector as it is coming out. The Vector charges slicker who is able to dodge out of the way. Smilely then takes aim and blasts the vector in the head from the side. We then take out the remainder of the casualties which are all the crusaders.

We find a total of three bounty a machete, and 3 haul worth of medical supplies. All of the vehicles have already been stripped by someone else who just did not bother to take care of the vector. It was most likely an aberrant vector.

Leg 4
We have to get on the paved road now and head into a small town. There is a museum in this town and out in front of the museum is some men in the black hoods of slavers. They are all dead. Wolf send Lacotah up to check out the dead bodies. Lacotah does not see any movement inside the museum and there are feet laying on the ground.

Wolf stealths up to the building and finds that the door locked. Smilely has to come up and unlock the door for Wolf and Wolf ghosts inside the building. There at the door is an older dead man that died of a gunshot wound. This museum is entirely devoted to a geode that was found nearby. The man at the door likely died protecting the museum for what is now only the 2nd largest geode. Smilely is able to get a crystal out of the gift shop.

Loot So Far

Find an old cell phone that is worth 4 Bounty
In his pocket there is a voice recorder and one bounty.
In the backpack is a well smashed laptop (Get the battery out of the Laptop one electronics backpack)
3 Bounty
3 Haul worth of Medical Supply
We scavenge on Set of Tires that we put in the hum-vee
Rifle with one bullet old lever action
Soylant – 2 charges worth
6 Bounty off dead Raiders

Session 6
Killing Raiders

We head out and go along the river. There are a lot of pings from the probes on the river so we need to head that way to find the rest of them. We head into a steep valley where the river cut into the landscape. As we walk under a dense canopy of trees we find another 2 geo probes. One of the probes that Smilely finds is too far up on the bank of the river because it seems to high up.

Smilely checks it to see if there are any signals going out and even though it is odd there is no trap. As we are walking along we find a sign that has been messed up to say take only Sacrifices leave only Ruin. On the bottom is a stick figure and it seems to resemble old Aztec God which is likely a god of Rain. Behind the sign we find two more Geo Probes.

Wolf sends Lacotah out to scout.. She catches the trail right away and she comes up to a clearing of some sort and it looks like there was some sort of air drop. It was meant for the 10th Mountain division. there is also a body in the clearing in the trees and there is a large crater in the clearing as well.

Wolf stealths up to the air drop and recognizes the body of one of Takers from Takeride. Before flipping over the body Boomer inspects the area and finds that the crater is from a mine and when we flip over the body after Boomer clears it we find that the body is Villhelmina another member of the Moths. She stepped on a mine as well. There should have been another Moth with her but Bunny is not here so we are not certain where she is. It was Bunnies idea to use the geo probes in the first place.

Boomer checks for addition mines and does not find anything. He then checks the crates for traps. All the crates are unopened and still sealed. As Wolf opens up the crate the lid flips open and a flare is fired into the sky and it explodes loudly. So we decide to book it.

We send Lacotah out in front and she starts pawing at a tree just a ways up from us. There is a drone in the tree. Wolf is able to scramble up the tree and grab the drone. There is a arrow in one of the rotors. There is a lot of markings and it looks to belong to the Moths. It was running a thermal imagining camera and it hoovered in place for a time and then it was shot down.

We decide to head up the valley a little bit so we can find a palce to hunker down for the night. Smilely hacks into the drones camera and is able to get a lot of data. He is able to see the moment of Vilhemina’s death. After Vilhemina’s death Bunny bolts and then after a time 6 men come up and loot the body.

That night while Boomer is on watch he begins to here drums off in the distance. Boomer can see the faint glint of fire in the distance. Lacotah is sent out to scout but it is dark so we cannot see much on the camera. Wolf stealths up to her position and sees a severed head that has had the skin pealed off of it. The meat is still there and it really freaks Wolf out. Just up the trail there is another head on a stick and then further up the trail there is another head on a stick. Wolf is not happy with this and so heads off towards the village.

Smiley and Boomer decide to Stealth up towards the village and while he does so he gets a ping off of a couple more probes. Smilely crosses the trail and sees the head and is totally okay with that. He finds about a dozen more probes that have gotten caught up in the vegetation in this area. The water level seems higher then it was before. The trail gets cut off by the river as the river seems to be deeper then it was before.

Wolf and Smiley start to cross the river where it crosses over the trail. Smilely is just able to make out the coyote trap that has been submerged in the water. Wolf steps into one of the traps and it snaps shut on his leg. Smilely then quickly gets it off his leg. Smilely is able to get everyone across the ford safely and once they are there Gristle is able to patch Wolf up and is able to grab the ligament before it rolls up into his leg and fixes it up. Wolf is feeling much better.

There was some sort of foot bridge at one time, but it was removed t some time in the past to force people across the river on their terms. As we are walking Lacotah is still on point. She keeps signaling causality but Wolf does not see anything on the go Pro so he goes to check it out. There against the tree is a casualty that is tied to the trees and the skin has been pealed off them. Gristle figures out that to make this happen they would have to be skinned alive first and then infected with the blight.

As we are walking down the trail we find 6 more of the geo probes. As we go we take turns killing crucified Casualties. There is a clearing up ahead and we are about a mile away from the mountain ahead. The clearing used to be wooded but all the trees have been taken down. At the end of the clearing there is a bunch of wooden spikes like a old roman encampment and it stretches across the main run up to the mountain.

Wolf tries to stealth out and as he does he realizes that he has been seen and is able to duck behind cover just as a crack of a rifle sounds in the valley. Smiley heads towards the opposite side and Wolf sends Lacotah to scout and she hits on something coming from the valley wall. Boomer stealths up to the side of the valley to try and take the sniper out.

Wolf stealths out of cover and tries to get out of the snipers sights. Gristle comes charging through the underbrush and as he does so a guy pops up and whips a spear at him and so he ducks into cover just as the sniper opens up on him, but misses as he ducks into cover. Smilely is able to spot the sniper and so he starts to set up a shot against him. Boomer gets a bead on the guy across the river that is hiding behind some bushes. Smilely lined up his shot perfectly and takes the shot and hits him center mass and then he tumbles and the fall kills him.

Wolf charges the spear chucker and takes off one of his legs removing him from the fight. Gristle is able to spot another spear chucker and hits him with a shot. Smilely is able to take another one down with a shot to the head. Wolf gets up and charges the last spear chucker and takes off his arm that Boomer had shot him.

While the fighting was going on the drums began to beat again. Gristle figures out that the only way to make a drum is to use skin of some sort and so takes some physiological damage. Gristle lines up a shot and takes out one of the drummers. As he does that a machine gunner up in the trees opens up on Gristle who dives back into cover. Another two guys jump out of the trees and moves into cover behind the spikes. Smilely tries to take a shot at one of them but misses. Boomer Then hits the tree wich causes the machine gunnery to twitch and fall of his platform breaking his next.

Wolf moves up to the wall with Lacotah. An arrow comes out at Gristle and he is able to dodge out of the way. Boomer does not see a shot coming towards him and takes a big hit to his arm. Smilely is able to duck behind cover and can feel it as the heavy rifle round smashes into the rocks in front of him. Gristle opens up on the bowmen and does some damage to him. Boomer tried to shoot the heavy rifle man, but it just barely misses.

Wolf hops of the fence and makes it to cover as the light rifle on the other side opens up on him while Lacotah goes and knocks down the bowmen that was behind the wall. The Heavy rifle fires at Smilely cracking the boulder that he was hiding behind. Gristle takes a shot at the heavy rifle and grazes his temple. Boomer is suppressed by the new SAW guy, but he is able to pop up and take a shot at the SAW guy doing some damage to his torso. Smilely pops up from out behind the now broken boulder and unloads his rifle at him killing him with a lot of bullets to the chest.

Wolf and Lacotah take out the bowman that Lacotah was keeping down while the Light Machine gun opens up on Wolf wounding him in the leg. Gristle takes a shot at the light rifle wounding him. Boomer then takes a shot at the SAW guy killing him as he falls out of the tree. Smiliely lines up a precision shot on the light machine gun guy and takes him out. Wolf then finds cover while Gristle lines up a shot on the drummer as he does so the bowman fires at him and then realizes that he is the last one left and bolts. Boomer kills him as he runs and smilely takes out a drummer.

As we make our way into the village we see that Bunny is locked up in a cage above the drummers. Gristle pops both of the drummers in the head. The village has been here for awhile. There is a number of tree houses and platforms so they can stay above the water that seems to be getting deeper here. There is a platform above the others that is covered in blood and gore and cover in pieces of people. This is where the skinning happened. This was full on a death cult.We let Bunny down and out of the cage she is wearing ceremonial grim cloth. Gristle looks her over as she gets changed into clothes other then the dead skin and grim cloth. She is zoned out but she is also coherent. She is likely on the down side of a mushroom trip. Wolf is able to scavenge up some bounty in the village while Gristle give medical attention to Bunny. Smilely stays on over watch for casualties.

Smilely realizes that this raider group would sell people down the river, which meant they got tied up and tossed them in the river. The cult here took this idea to the max. And would throw lots of people down the river. Wolf also manages to find some writing material called Aztec. It is a book of Fiction that takes place before the Spanish invasion of Mexico. They were using it as a bible. They were likely sowing the flesh they skinned off others to the people that they were throwing down the river to please the Aztec god.

We head around the back side and find another 7 more probes that are in deeper water. Smilely starts swimming after the probes and it gets really deep as he goes out into the middle of the pond. There is a huge tentacle that comes out of the water. It looks like the blight as combined a bunch of heads and arms and legs are all combined together. Wolf bolts as he cracks from the stress. More tentacles come up out of the water but they are frozen like they are waiting for something. Boomer decides to throw a flash bang to distract the tentacles while they haul Smilely in as fast as they can. The tentacle comes down where Smilely was. The suction from the river going underground is what is keeping it in place.

Wolf bolts all the way back through the village and collapses at the edge of the forest. Boomer has to threaten to let Willy hang out with Molly again to get him moving. We hike back out and see that there were Raiders tracking us, many of them were treed or they killed each other. We earn a good rep spot with the Goodtimes by giving him the drone with all of the data in the valley.

Bunny kept pushing the group on even though they should not have. Only Yeti and Bunny survived.

From Session 5
74 Bounty
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Big Knife

Loot This Season
10 Bounty
Drone –
Heavy Rifle

Total Bounty
84 Boutny
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Drone – Gave Data to Goodtimes
Heavy Rifle – Mount it on the Humvee

Session 5
And Then


Boomer goes to the market with Red and they talk about trying to get her out more often. He is trying to talk her into spending some time with Moonbeam. At the market there is a paper flower stall. The merchant tries to sell them a paper rose and Red is very excited about it and so Boomer asks her to try and get out more and he will get her some flowers. She agrees that she will at least try but would like to start out with Gristle’s dog instead of an actual person.

Wolf talks with Molly about how she likes the CDs that he got for her. She is super excited about the CD’s and really likes the Techno Folk Rock cd’s that he got for her. She is so excited about it that she wants to play the Electric Violin. The only person in town that has one is Old Man Morris. Wolf goes and talks with him. After some negotiations Wolf tells him that he will get Gristle to take a look at

Smiley contacts and underground social working trying to get his papers. She goes by the name of Karen. She says that there is no assurance that this is a sure thing. She says that she can get him some papers but the DHQS may arrest them and the papers are no guarantee of safety. She puts him on hold and says that they will be back in contact in 7-10 business days.

Moonbeam and Smiley are working in the garden and Moonbeam is talking about the ripe tomatoes. Smiley is remembering the head of the indentures blowing up like ripe tomatoes. He goes on picking tomatoes until Moonbeam drops on and it splatters on the ground.

Slicker and Susan are cleaning up the horse Mishka and talking about how he misses the wide open plains of Montana. She reminds him that there was a lot of Mountains in Montana as well. He then spaces out as he has flash backs of being chased with bullets whizzing past him and Susan.

Gristle goes and talks with the Techno Cowboys to go scout out a location for a new enclave. It is Old Man Morris’ kids and so is part of the reason Old Man Morris doesn’t like Gristle. They will start with some drone flights and then once they find some likely spots they can go and scope them out. They negotiate it out a little bit and it will be 20 bounty total.

Gristle goes to the market and picks up some food to go and meet up with Whiz Bang. As he walks into the house everything has been re-arranged. The music is in alphabetical order. The dishes are being washed and she is trying to stack everything on top of each other. She got a little nervous and when she gets nervous she cleans. She even arranged the pictures largest to smallest. Gristle brought back spam and Whiz Bang is a vegetarian. She asks him to get some vegetables from Moonbeam. And so they go out to the farm to talk with Moonbeam about getting some veggies for Whiz Bang. Moonbeam and Whizbang start talking about how to life on a vegetarian diet and Gristle gets a little bent out of shape as he does not understand the vegetarian diet as military guys don’t get it. And so tells herr that she can get the iron and protein she needs from beef.

The Job

Gootimes Calls us all to his office. He is hesitant to accept any new citizens to Takeride but right now Ubiq is blowing up with offers from the Randians to get their indenture back and they are offering a reward. He is not the type to turn us over to them and he will not likely do so but we need to earn his good will. So we need to do something for him. We will not be able to take the Humvee as we

Model Beauty (Taker Group) went out to the South East to map the rivers and creeks and ponds. They are a pro bono Taker group that does work for the Moths and so he wants us to find out where Model Beauty Takers went and if possible recover the drones that were doing the data collections. They are 10 days over due and the tree cover is too dense to get any ubiq signals of where Specs, Yeti Whilhelmena, Zero.

Have to walk along the water ways until we see the Bluetooth signals that the “drones” are transmitting. The “drones” are just old smart phones and other things that have been put into pop bottles and taped closed to float down the river collecting data.

There is a trail that goes along the river and we head off towards the last known location of Specs. As we move along the trail there is sounds of dronkeys up ahead. Wolf send Lakotah to scout it out and she stealths up. The video she sends back is of a kid walking along with two dronkeys in front and two dronkeys in back. All four are loaded for bear. The group splits into two with Slicker and Wolf hiding in the woods and Smiley, Boomer and Gristle heading towards the kid.

The Dronkeys form up into a firing line and the little boy tells him that they are okay and to hold hire. One of the dronkeys say that they ran into the group a few weeks ago. The trail down that way is pretty bad down that way. The drones are being operated by someone but the people are not likely too close. HE says that there is a lot of fighting down that way. There are a lot of guys down there. There are a lot of bones down that way, they might be eating each other. Wolf has Smiley buy him and extra set of rations and Boomer buys a grenade off of him. His name is Paul the Walker and he is a latent child.

When we get to the last known location of Spec we find a rather square hole. Wolf knows that that is definitely a pit trap. There are three bodies inside, nine feet deep with bamboo spikes inside it. The specs are undamaged and he had put a bullet in his own head. There are two casualties in the hole with him likely drain by the screaming from a man impaled on stakes. We are able to Lasso Specs body and drag it. He has a 3 hour black box on his Ubiq and Smiley sees them all talking and then sees the image blur as he falls into a hole. Smiley fails his self control check as he watches the casualties fall into the hole. Smiley is able to pull data off the specs that give us a more precise location of the “drones”. There are 6 different locations that will get us within a half mile of the creeks.

We continue on down the trail for about a day and as we walk Wolf spots a trip wire hooked up to a tree with sharp spikes. These are man maiming traps meant to leave you hurt and screaming. Wolf then spots a pit trap right before Slickers horse steps in it. Up ahead it looks like a few structures built out of trees. Lacotah goes up to scout out the structures and there is not anyone in residence at the time. She then comes around a corner and there is a pile of human bones that obviously has tool marks and damage on them.

The structures are basic lean toos and there is not a lot worth of value in the area.. Smiley spots an area of dirt that has been disturbed. He finds an old Altoid tins that has 4 bounty in it. The pits are made to keep people alive until they are ready to eat whatever is in there. There are claw marks in the sides of the pits as they were trying to dig there way out. The bottom of the pit us a darker red color so there were people dying in these pits.

There is not much of a conversation to know that we are going to hang around and try to kill every last one of them. We set up in ambush and then we wait. It is about 3 hours wait time. They come back with milk jugs carrying water and they are all women. They are all missing their right breasts and are carrying bows. The last one in the back is dragging a captive. Slicker takes a called shot at the one in the back taking her in the head as Wolf charges one of the one in the front. Lacotah and him take out one of the Raiders while Boomer and Smiley take out the last one. Wolf sends Lacotah after the captive and unfortunately she is still in fight mode and accidentally kills the captive as he was trying tog get away.

Wolf is back on point and feels the trip wire at the last second. He is able to step back as a wooden spear comes flying in and just barely dodges it. We come up to the river and are able to find the first of the five beacons. Near where it is at there is a group of 7 casualties. Slicker and Smiley take them out with little problem and we loot 7 bounty off of them. The ap beeps slightly as we come across the first of the drones and as we work our way up we are able to find 8 of the drones. They had released almost 50 of these things.

We either have to go through the woods this time or follow on the trail. Lacotah is sent to scout it out and there are at least twelve people in the camp and they have pits and a fire going. There is something cooking on the fire. We decide to wait until dark and go in once it is night time. There are three guards milling about keeping watch. The sneaky people move up into position. Smiley and Slicker move up into the trees and Boomer stealths up after Wolf. Smiley, Boomer, Slicker each take out one sentry and Wolf sneaks into the camp and starts to kill people. He is able to kill 4 people before he accidentally trips on a bottle trap and wakes up the remaining 5 raiders. Boomer opens up and puts a grouping of bullets in his chest.

One of the raiders takes a shoot at wolf but is still sleepy and so he misses. Slicker opens up on the next in line and puts a small grouping in his chest and Wolf charges him and buries his tomahawk in the wound that the bullets had opened up and dropped the raider. Lacotah charged another one and bite into his side and the raider stabbed at her and she just barely dodged out of the way. The final raider charges at Wolf with a wicked big knife and Wolf is able to dodge out of the way. Boomer and Slicker open up on the raider fighting Lacotah and put him down with center mass shoots. Wolf then goes postal on the remaining raider and Lacotah finishes him off. No one really cares that Wolf is covered in raider blood. We fine three more geo probes among the bodies bringing us to 11.

We hear whispering in the pit. Is another out there. Smiley looks down into the pit and Yeti is down there. Yeti is tied to a rope and his leg is missing. Gristle moves over and assess him and determines that his leg was cauterized after his leg was cut off. Boomer notices that there are mobs of casualties coming in. We are able to get Yeti loaded up onto Mishka and tie him up. Lacotah kites one of the incoming mobs and we are able to finish looting the camp. We come away with a fair amount of bounty and are able to refresh a number of our pieces of gear.

Loot So Far
74 Bounty
Designer Ubiq Specs
Side Arm and Ammo for it
Three Bows
Big Knife

Total Bounty From Job

Session 4
Dealing with the Randians

Slicker heads off to scout for a Semi Truck trailer.

We are in southern Wyoming going through a canyon area and as we come out we see plumes of black smoke pouring out in the distance. It is coal plants and Wolf is able to spot the patrol that is out front so we are able to avoid it so we do not have to pay anyone for anything. We arrive at the front gate of the city.

There is a place to check in in outer Atlas as we come up to the gate we are stopped and told that we either have to pay bounty up front to keep our weapons or we will need to go in without weapons. They need some sort of insurance that we are not going to start any problems in the enclave. Smiley offers them two units of gas out of the motorcycle to pay for our entry into the enclave.

Smiley gets on Ubiq and tries o figure out the real name of our contact. It turns out that everyone here is name Gault. He is able to find out that there is someone working in the coal mine labs whose name is Jane the Metalurgist and it appears that she came her of her own volition and is an indentured slave by choice.

Everything indebts you to the main store so everyone is very poor and the clothing shows that they are. All of the indentured do not stop us as we walk in because they do not want to possibly owe more people money. So smiley and Boomer walk into the lab.

Smiley approaches Jane the Metallurgist and asks her if she would like a job calling her Wizbang which she sort of balks at. Smiley is able to tell that she is hiding from someone or something. She wants to be safe from someone else. She says take my advice and don’t look for it. She was a taker and she ran with a crew and everyone else in her crew is dead because of what she knows that killed everyone else. If we know what is good for us we need to walk away from this job.

Smiley says we are going to get killed over Silver deposits which she says is a flat out lie and we are getting sold up the river. She will jump her contract but she needs guarantees for her safety.We can offer her protection but what is the deal with this score. She tells us that he is after semiconductors and super conductors. It is likely some sort of high end computing equipment. There has to be something that makes this special. Her contract is 150 bounty worth of debt. Smiley tells her that we will protect her and set her up in one of our families and we will take care of her. She agrees to the deal just in time for the crap to go south outside.

Wolf and Gristle notice that there are some people with rifles that have taken notice of us and although the have not approached they are aware of us also. There are a couple of guys with Rifles coming up to the Humvee with rifles. Gristle and Wolf start arguing about the heavy metal and he makes a deal with Wolf that if he teaches Lahcotah to bite people in the balls and he gets to see it he will let Wolf pick the music for one trip. We talk with the Gaults briefly and convince them that wee have a parking permit. Wolf manages to tell Lahcotah to bolt in circles and people begin to chase it as he says that the drive is in its mouth. Unfortunately one of the rifle guys catches her and sees that she does not have anything in her mouth. So Gristle brings up his rifle which the Randians see and so Wolf buries his tomahawk into the guys skull that was yelling Gun….

As combat begins there is a guy on one of the railways charges at Wolf with a wrench over his head and Wolf dodges it easily and as he passes Wolf spins and buries his second tomahawk in the back of his head as he passes by. He then orders Lahcotah to retrieve his tomahawk from the first Gaults face. Off in the distance Boomer can see that there is a tower off in the distance and he sees a glint come off of it. A guy comes running down the stairs yelling take me with you. Another guy clocks him in the throat as he is running towards Smiley and Boomer. So of these guys are wanting to get out and others have totally drank the koolaid.

Smiley takes a precision shot to try and take out the sniper in the tower. With an excellent shot he is able to take out the sniper in the tower. Gristle is able to suppressing fire the other Gault and he starts yelling that there are runners by the coal mine. Another guy runs around the corner with a double barrel shotgun and unloads one of the barrels at Gristle but all he hits is dirt.

Boomer is able to go drill instructor on WizBang and get her to move to the Humvee through the middle of the fire fight. The guy with the broom handle club comes at Smiley and manages to snap his across the knee as he is not able to dodge out of the way but he is then able to run to his motorcycle. The Gault that lived the first round opens up on the Humvee but Boomer and Wolf are able to take cover and neither one of us take damage.

Wolf yells at Gristle to get back in the Humvee and drive while Boomer takes aim at the guy with the shotgun who he drops with a shot to the throat. The club guy comes out and takes a swing at Smiley who ducks out of the way. Smiley then opens up on the Gault who was behind cover and seems to pop him in the eye and the the rest of the bullets slams into his head and take it off. The guy that was choking comes out and knocks the club guy in the back of the head knocking him silly and then he jumps on the motorcycle with Boomer and the guy that wants to contract jump.

Our drivers are able to dodge the small arms fire and and the rifle shots and we start making our way out. As we get moving the Inner Atlas gate opens and three motorcycles come flying out of the compound. They are slaver recover specialists. Boomer is in a rear facing seated position and so he makes a called shot at the tire of the front motorcycle which he hits and the motorcycle skids out. Gristle just the gas petal down and pulls ahead of them slightly. Smiley then takes off and Gristle and Wolf and baffled out of where the hell he went. Boomer takes a shot as they pull away and puts another one of the motorcyclists out of action forcing the other motorcycle to slow down and then Gristle sees the ravine that Smiley had to of used.

The guy that jump contract was accused of murder and was then was put into indentured servitude, or so he said. Smilel knows that he is full of crap and calls him on it. He asks to just be let go as he would not level with us. Wolf gives him a couple of charges of rations.

We have to go a little bit out of our way on the way back to Takeride and as we do we come across some train tracks and we decide to use them to find our way back to the road. Up ahead there is an old broken down train. It is just a couple of cargo cars, but the one in front is an AmTrax Passenger car. The cargo cars look like they have been picked over but Lahcotah’s Go Pro shows movement inside AmTrax Car.

It is a double decker train car and as Wolf goes up to the door he spots what looks like 8 casualties. Wolf has the idea to unlock the brakes and roll the train car down the hill where we can then pick off the casualties. Wolf is able to release the brakes with the help of Boomer. Gristle then bumps the train car with the Humvee so that it rolls down the hill Wolf then enters the train car and hacks away at the zombies and finds himself enjoying it way too much.. Wolf then manages to find some bounty, a mini Coors keg and 2 Haul worth of Non Dairy Creamer.

We pull up into Takeride and start to offload our gear. Smiley goes and talks with Goodtimes about making Wizbang a citizen under our protection. Wizbang is going to be played off as Gristle’s new girlfriend. Goodtimes is not happy to hear that we stole the girlfriend out of the Randian enclave. The Randians are crazy about property and so Goodtimes is not happy that they will come around looking for her. Smiley tells him that we never told the Randians who we were where we came from and we will repaint the Humvee. He grants her a temporary visa.

Wolf goes to visit Willy. He is all smiles as he knocks on the door and asks him if he wants some beer in trade for the CD Molly was looking for. Is totally in for it and Boomer and Wolf help him to keg stand and then hold him down while they waterboard him with stale Coors light. He then threatens him and tells him not to go near his daughter ever again. Waterboards him again and then takes a bunch of CDs and then leaves. Boomer stays a second and threatens him again telling him it was him who talked me out of giving Willy a beer enema.

Loot Total So Far
Find 10 bounty on the train Car
2 Haul in Dairy Creamer (15 bounty per)
Mini Keg of Coors

Total Bounty from the Job
45 Bounty of the MREs
30 Bounty of the Creamer
39 Loose Bounty
114 Total Extra Bounty (23 for 4 of us and 22 for Smilely)

Total for Everyone was 51 for 4 people and 50 to one person

Session 3
On the Road to Atlas

Wolf goes and talks with his daughter. He finds out that she wants him to get a boy band cd for her. She says that she knows a guy named Willy who has the cd. He said that he would give her the cd if he could get a bottle of Coors. Wolf is a little flabbergasted that a grown man is offer a cd to a young girl and says that he will get the Coors for him and get her the cd. What he does not tells her is how Willy will be served the Coors.

Slicker is having dinner with his wife Susan in their lean-to eating gourmet canned cat food. Susan is suggesting that she would go into prostitution to make more money for the family. Susan says that she would like Slicker to fix up a few things in the lean-to. Slicker can make the roof not leak if he can find some roofing caulk.

Smiley is working in the pot garden with Rainbow Moonbeam and their one year old daughter. Moonbeam asks if Smiley found any new cds while they were out in the loss. He tells her that while we are out in the loss he will try and find her some cds. She wants instrumentals so that she can get into the flow and tune in her aura. So Smiley needs to get her a couple of CDS.

Gristle is talking with his dog while feeding it spam. Biscuit is eating it up while Gristle remembers the bad stuff that happens out in the loss. Lots of weird things going on out there mannequins.

Looking for Jobs
Takeride is filling up as winter is approaching. The tent town is starting to pop up around town. Smiley gets an email from Gekko saying that he has a second job for us whenever we would like to take it it would be at a 10.
Wolf finds out there is a guy (Gooky) in taker town proper that has some supply issues and wants someone to help him out with that. HE makes forage kabobs, so basically kabobs out of the stuff he finds in the forest. Gristle tries to find out the information on the job and comes up empty. Slicker finds a newer taker in town and tells him that Gooky was looking for soylent. He is trying to expand his business and wants soylent. It is in very low demand and there is not much supply. He found out that there is a truck out near the outskirts of Denver.

Mr. Johnson the broker in town has another job offer for us from another client. He liked how we handled the last job and will give us a line on in. Smiley calls in a favor to his friend Holiday in the Moths to find out more about the job. Johnson has been trying to farm out the job for a while now and it is coming in at a 12. He tries to recruit Smiley to come and grow pot for the Moths or at least send him some pot instead of sending him crypto credits. The market on this one is volatile.

The Negotiations
We decided to call up Gecko and see what sort of job he has next. He needs us to find him a specialist that can read the maps for us. Smiley reminds him that we are the best and that he needs us. Slicker tries to find out Gecko’s tough spot because he is being real shady on the whole specialist thing. He cannot find out any information so he calls up Tak an old surveying buddy of his who now lives in Freedom in Idaho. Tak says that he had a group of Takers out of Freedom doing something similar. It turns out that Gecko is not actually authorized to be offering the jobs that he is. A steward came through and told them that the Taker group should only work with authorized contractors.
Tough Spot is Under their Noses (he is doing it for personal gain as he is not authorized to do it)

Gecko tries to push Smiley’s soft spot but Smiley pushes back and asks him if he has the authorization number for this contract. Smiley tells him that the stewards have been sniffing around and so Gecko says that it is off the book and we can just keep it between us.
Boomer decides to gossip stuff that Gecko is doing jobs off of the books. The Gecko jobs does not seem to be on the up and up. The job does not seem to be paying that great and the Stewards are sniffing about. This prevents an undercut later.

Gecko tells Smiley that he has him between a rock and a hard place. He offers us some flashbangs to help us out on the upcoming mission. Smiley pushes back telling him that we need to be sharks. So they push the round.

Wolf tries to get Mr Johnson to tell him more about Gecko, unfortunately Mr. Johnson is not willing to share the information. So Wolf contacts Phillip who is a wholesaler contact of Wolf’s that is in the recession but is not certain that he should be talking to Wolf since Wolf is supposed to be dead.

Weak Spot: Chasing the Big One (he wants his life of wealth and status in the Recession that he had before)

Gecko tells him that we will be at the ground floor of a bigger endeavor while smiley tells him that that is fine but we want the cash now with winter coming on. This is a very persuasive argument.

Gristle is going around telling other takers that there is silver in the mines and that people will pay for it. There is going to be a bidding war on the information about the silver mines but we don’t want to take it because the job would be in Denver. He is able to drive the price up to 19 by getting other people to drive up the demand for silver mine information.
Gecko tells Smiley that it is going to be an easy job but Smiley pushes him hard with his weak spot. And so negotiations end with the job paying 20 and we come up to expenses on Smilely’s crit on Leadership.

On the Job
We are looking for a specialist named. Wizbang. She is a Scientist in a Randian enclave called Atlas the last that anyone saw her. She did some jobs in Colorado but no one has really heard from her. She is now in Wyoming.

On the first leg on there is a crashed vehicle that looks to be crashed fairly recently. Its an old 4 door pick up truck that looks pretty beat up. There were four passengers in the car. The driver shot himself and there are two casualties in the car. Slicker is able to kill the causality in the passenger seat and then moves around to cap the other causality. We manage to find 7 bounties on the corpses and then in the bed of the pickup there are army issue MREs in the boxes (15 each), 3 haul worth and one charge worth of gas out of the tank.

Leg 2 – Boomer and Smiley have a conversation about how we used to be able to play kick ball. They haven’t seen a rubber ball in a long time since the one that hit that land mine.

Leg 3 – wolf spots something really weird. There is a giant hill in the middle of the planes. It looks to be about 20 feet tall and it looks like someone just bulldozed a pile of dirt. As we get closer there is a there is a sign that says $$$ make it through my fun house.

Boomer checks the door for traps and there is nothing. As we pull the door open it opens up like a fridge and a camera on the far wall there is a note that says that you get a spin per group and make it a good show. There are rich guys in the recession who get bored and so the pay people to set this up and there are often casualties and obstacles. Bad Sport plays the losers…ie you get shoved in a room with causalities.

Gristle and Boomer head into the obstacle course first. The first room is a bunch of platforms with broken glass underneath. If you fall you get hurt. Boomer and Gristle make it through the room easy. Slicker and Wolf head into room with Wolf doing flips and such and Tex follows suit. They walk into the next room with and there are keys all over the floor and so Boomer goes over and starts picking the lock and with just a few seconds to spare he pops it open and smacks the button inside and move on to the next room. Wolf and Slicker move into the room and find an open box with an exposed button.

In the next room there are a bunch of casualties strung up going up and down. There is only enough room to crawl underneath them or maybe you could swing across them using them as their chins as a foothold. Boomer army crawls right underneath them while Gristle figures out the pattern and cruises right on through. Wolf bounces across the chins of the casualties while slicker comes behind army crawling. Boomer and Gristle come into a room and there is a CRT screen in front of them with a Nintendo zapper with a sign that says play until you win. It is Russian roulette versus a computer guy. Gristle losses the first game and gets electrocuted. Boomer goes up and jimmies the trigger so that he cannot get electrocuted and eventually wins. Slicker wins the game on the first round. The room of judgement with one door with a green light and one with a red. We go through the red door and find the wheel and have three rolls. 9, 7 and 6 bounty. Boomer figures out that there is an alarm system and how to open the lockers and decides that since he does not know where the alarm goes he will not mess with it.

Leg 4 – There is a huge cloud in the distance. There is a convey of armored vehicles moving towards us (5). They are going to come close to us and there is a guy on top of one of the hummers is pointing at us. They also have drone cover and so to get away we will have to go off the beaten path. The guy on the turret is waving both arms above his head. We decide that they are not likely hostile. So smiley goes up to talk with them. Captain Hannibal comes up to talk with Smiley. Smiley tells him that we are just out with some of the 10th Mountain division. He says they are trying to get back to the river and back to the recession. The guys in the convoy don’t seem to buy it but the Captain seems to buy into it wholesale. If we took out the captain the other guys would probably go onto their own ways and would not have to follow the full crazy Captain anymore. So Gristle makes a called shot to take out the Captain by shooting him in the head. The soldiers get out an haul him back into the MRap and as they do Smiley sees that he has black veins going up his foot and onto his leg.

Loot Total So Far
7 bounties on the corpses
Army issue MREs in the boxes (15 each) 3 haul worth and
one charge worth of gas out of the tank.
9, 7 and 6 bounty

Session 2
Back To School

Our Tontine is going to be called: Buying the Farm

Session 2
1. Mr. Johnson is a broker for people who need jobs done out of the recession. This will not be in the area.
2. The other job is a service contract

Wolf is not able to get any information out of anyone. Gristle goes to his old army buddies to find out about the brokerage job and the job seems like it is sort of basic. The equilibrium is pretty low (7).

Smiley goes to talk with Billy Big Rig about the Service contract. He wants qualified takers to find and transport cargo. Billy is sitting in an office from what Smiley can see on the Ubiqs. He wants a partner since he does not have any legs. HE wants people that are already out an about and when they spot cargo the send the information to him and then he sends his crews out to get everything out.

If we find any trailers he wants us to clean it out of causalities, boot the trailers and then tag it with a tracker. He cannot guarantee us any bounty off of it, but if it is something that he can sell we can negotiate the pay.

The deal is that we have to use two spots of haul to carry the trailer boot and the padlocks and goes trackers to mark the truck.

Mr Johnson Job – Mr Johnson is just handling the introductions
Smiley goes to talk with him. He is dressed nice and showers with the good soap. The job is straight forward. It is a data extraction job not too far north of Take ide. Smiley is put in front of a laptop talking to a guy in a “hundred dollar suit” in a high rise. He introduces himself as Gecko.

He wants us to look into some information on the mines in the area around Takeride and down towards Golden. He believes that there is some silver in some of the mines and he wants us to find the silver and prove it exists. This way he can see if any of them will still produce.

We will need to go to a college and grab old mine research. There is not a lot of people willing to go. So we need to go to the West Side of Denver and get the research that some grad student did.
Slicker calls up Frank his old stock broker buddy to see if he can get information about Gecko. He finds out that he is in a useless job for the DHQS and so is in a dead end job, or at least Frank thinks so. Frank says that if Slicker passes the information on to Frank he might do something on it as well and make it worth Slickers time.

Wolf goes and talks with a taker buddy Dash and tells him about how terrible Denver is and how the casualties there are totally out of control. This increases demand on the job and increases the profit margin to 17.

We end negotiations there we get upkeep 34. Get me the maps and get me the information then we will talk about step two.

High Ho Ho off to the School we go

Up in the distance on the road there are two military Humvees circled in the road. A lot of these road blocks like this were set up, but these look like they were ambushed and Lakota goes up and scouts out the trucks, there are casualties there, but as wolf moves up he kicks a helmet and the casualties come around from behind the vehicles. Gristle figures out that there is a bunch more trapped in there then we thought and so Smiley gets on his bike and dead drives the mobs away. While he is doing so the rest of us scavenge the trucks.

There are a couple of test tubes filled with black. They are blight samples from the very early days of the outbreak, in addition we find two haul worth of medical equipment (First Aid Kit with two charges), and Gristle able to find one charge worth of gas. We also find an extended magazine for a rifle.

As we are driving along Wolf hears gunfire in the distance. We go to investigate and arrive just in time to see a guy shooting into a herd of casualties. There is a mom and two kids behind the action and so wolf has Lakota kite the zombies away while the others pick them off.

Wolf goes and talks to the lady and turns out she is trying to get out of the loss. Her husband is Delta is a taker out of Utah, Goodtimes is legendary, Delta is approaching that same level in the Southwest. Delta is her husband and these are his kids. So she gets on Smiley Ubiq specs and calls him up. There is 7 bounty off of the coyote and 10 bounty off of the casualties. We also grab a recharge worth of gas out of the coyotes car.

As we come into the outer parts of town we see what looks like a man in the middle of the road. We decide to drive on by. As we drive past it looks like some sort of a mannequin. So it was most likely an ambush. As we drive one through town there are mannequins everywhere in town. In the stores, sidewalks, etc.

We drive into Golden. There is a respite with stacked barricades. There is a couple of city blocks worth of enclave. A couple miles off there is another slighter larger enclave. We spend the night in Golden. Smiley goes and tries to find some ammo but does not have any luck, but he is able to find someone that is willing to trade the rifle for the Ubiq Specs. Gristle goes and asks around about the school of mines. He actually runs into a couple of guys that are talking about it. One guy is controlling a drone and it looks like a stampede is at the school of mines. It used to be an aid station and so there are a ton of casualties in there. Golden makes it living by pulling a few off the herd and killing them for the bounty. So getting into the school just got a ton harder. We have to spend a bounty to get a map of the school. The zombies cover about 60% of the campus and there are a few hundred of them.

Wolf tries to use foresight to try and figure out which building the plans we need are in. He cannot figure it out and so he calls his buddy Bryan that did security on the campus. Bryan says that the survey results will most likely be in Hammond Hall, the one with the statue in front of it.

So Smiley goes to make the dead drive. He is going to kit them around the inside of campus while the rest of us go onto campus and go into Hammond Hall and try and get the records we need. We walk across the field with Gristle watching our back. Slicker is going to try and pick the lock, which he does with ease. Lakota goes into the building and scouts it out with the go pro. Slicker and Wolf easily find the maps that we are looking for and find 4 bounties and an ounce of weed. We then sneak back out. Smiley then jumps the fence leaving the mobs behind him. Gristle will on watch sees a bunch of guys walking up with rifles hung low. Gristle aims his rifle at them and Slicker takes cover. They come up and tell us that since we were doing business on their property that we need to pay for those who crossed onto campus. So we pay them 6 bounty and head back to campus.

First Aid Kit with 2 Charges
Tactical Sling – (Smiley)
Test Tubes Filled with Original Blight (sold for 20 bounty)
2 Charges worth of Gas
7 Bounty ( -4 paid to stay the night in Golden)
10 Bounty off Casualties (-7 to pay the guy for information on the campus and tariff afterwards)
15 bounty for expenses from Delta
4 loose bounty and one ounce of weed
Ubiq Specs – (Wolf)
Rifle – Traded for Ubiq Specs in Golden given to Slicker

Earn a Rep spot from Delta – Take Care of our Own (a Rep Spot)
Delta is now available as a contact with one freebie contact

Mr. Johnson – Broker
Gecko – Soft Spot – Relic of Bygone Times
Weak Spot
Tough Spot

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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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