Tristan "Wolf" Pinkerton

Mountain Man Dog Handler


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Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains Wolf is an original resident of Taleride before it was known as Takeride. Born and raised with the family owning a pet store he was raised around animals and began to train them at a young age. When he got older he began to train rescue dogs for park rangers, sheriff departments, whomever needed them.

When the crash came he was one of the few inhabitants to stick it out in Taleride. He ebgan to train dogs to kite the casualties away from people and used them to great effect in protecting the isolated community. Unfortunately the Raiders came in and ruined everything! Wolf blames hi,self that he had not trained the dogs to attack people as he felt that it was unnecessary so when the raiders came almost all of his dogs that he was training were killed.

He fled into the mountains with his pregnant wife and daughter along with many of the other Taleride residents. Unfortunately the commotion of the battle had drawn casualties and soon some of the wounded outside the enclave became vectors and many more of the residents perished and became casualties in the ensuing chaos. Unfortunately Wolf and his wife were both bitten by a vector while protecting their daughter. Wolf was able to put the vector down and then had to turn the axe he was welding on his wife whom was turning vector as well.

Unfortunately his daughter had to watch as dad killed mom which did not do anything good for her mental condition as she was only 9 at the time (the only small consolation was that she was old enough to understand why dad did what he did) Oddly enough though Wolf himself did not go Vector and it was not until much later while Goodtime was marshaling resources that Wolf got bit a bunch of times by casualties that it finally dawned on him that he was probably immune.

Wolf continued to work doing odd jobs and worked with Goodtimes and the Mountain Goats to Retake Takeride. His attack dogs were used to great effect against the raiders but unfortunately once again most of them were killed. Lacotah was the lone survivor of the half dozen dogs that helped to retake the enclave. Since that time Wolf has been searching for an un-neutered male Huskie that he can bread to Lacotah so that he can start training once again.

He even believes that he can set up a business selling the dogs to other enclaves as protection from both casualties and humans. If he can get all the funds together his business should provide a lucrative enough life for him to not have to be a Taker any more so he can spend his time training and teaching Molly to train the next generation of dog protectors.

He sees no reason to go to the recession as the people out here need him and it is just as safe here as it would be in the recession in his mind. Perhaps if he is being honest the chance to be able to kill raiders also keeps him from waiting to move to “civilization” as he blames them for the death of his wife. But either way he was born out here and will die out here, but that does not mean that he cannot make his life better for him and his daughter. Recently Gristle started talking about wanting to start up his own enclave. Perhaps they could figure it out together and export dogs to other enclaves. I bet we could even talk Sarge into it as he is handy with tools and everyone needs a good mechanic these days.

Tristan "Wolf" Pinkerton

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