Handle: Gristle
Name: Paul Roads

Weak Spot: Vengeful
Soft Spot: The Weak
Tough Spot: Military Despra

Head 10/10
Left Arm 10/10
Torso 20/20
Right Arm 10/10
Right Leg 10/10
Left Leg 10/10

Str: 1
Health: 1

Endurance: 10/10
Shoot: 2 (4/6)
Athletics: 2
Refresh: 3/3
Scavenging: 2
Driving : 2
Self Control: 2
Initiative: 2
Awareness: 2
Criminality: 2

Int: 3
Meme: 3
Foresight: 2
First Aid: 3
Profession: Doctor: 3
Research: 2

Chr: 1
Haul: 1
Persuasion: 1
Networking: 1

Wil: 2
Support: 1

Detachment: 0/5
Trauma: 0/5
Stress : 0/5 6/8

Billy Big Rig Kit (2 Haul) UK:13
Biscuit (Dog), Wiz Bang (GF)

Rifle: Uk:3 10/10
Rifle (M4 Carbine),
Charged: Charges can be spent in addition to buy-a roll to aid check Cumbersome: can’t be quick drawn Tactical Sling: weapon can be quickly drawn/buys off cumbersome Loud Silencer Long-range

First Aid: UK 2
Spend Charges to make a First Aid check on an injured hit location of the player’s choice. Additional Charges add bonuses to the q12`check. Every point of Black can reduce a box of Kill to Stun damage, or a box of Stun to healed.

SUV/Truck (Humvee) Haul: +9 Fuel Demand: 3/5 UK: 5
Off-Road:Burn a charge to skip an encounter despite obstructions or off-road conditions. • Fuel Demand increases by one. Reliable:Vehicle does not require a Mechanics check to start.• Upkeep increases by 2 bounty Alternative Fuel: Fuel Demand decreases by one, Solar Panels

Ubiq Specs: UK:2 (8/8)
Capped: costs one Charge per use; no additional bonuses Hungry: two Charges must be spent for every one used Memory: permanently mark off one Charge for every installed app
o App: GhoulNet: Persistent and secure text, video and voice connection between Ubiq users allow for a group tactical network. o App: DeadEyes Hack: RFID sights installed on
a projectile weapon provide +2 Shoot every time DeadEyes is used.

Backpack: UK 1 = to Str in Haul
Helmet :
Armor, In Demand
Ration: 20
Retirement Milestone
Find a Location: 20/20
Establish an Economic Plan: 10/20
Recruit Setters: 0/20



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