Takeride Tales

Session 4

Dealing with the Randians

Slicker heads off to scout for a Semi Truck trailer.

We are in southern Wyoming going through a canyon area and as we come out we see plumes of black smoke pouring out in the distance. It is coal plants and Wolf is able to spot the patrol that is out front so we are able to avoid it so we do not have to pay anyone for anything. We arrive at the front gate of the city.

There is a place to check in in outer Atlas as we come up to the gate we are stopped and told that we either have to pay bounty up front to keep our weapons or we will need to go in without weapons. They need some sort of insurance that we are not going to start any problems in the enclave. Smiley offers them two units of gas out of the motorcycle to pay for our entry into the enclave.

Smiley gets on Ubiq and tries o figure out the real name of our contact. It turns out that everyone here is name Gault. He is able to find out that there is someone working in the coal mine labs whose name is Jane the Metalurgist and it appears that she came her of her own volition and is an indentured slave by choice.

Everything indebts you to the main store so everyone is very poor and the clothing shows that they are. All of the indentured do not stop us as we walk in because they do not want to possibly owe more people money. So smiley and Boomer walk into the lab.

Smiley approaches Jane the Metallurgist and asks her if she would like a job calling her Wizbang which she sort of balks at. Smiley is able to tell that she is hiding from someone or something. She wants to be safe from someone else. She says take my advice and don’t look for it. She was a taker and she ran with a crew and everyone else in her crew is dead because of what she knows that killed everyone else. If we know what is good for us we need to walk away from this job.

Smiley says we are going to get killed over Silver deposits which she says is a flat out lie and we are getting sold up the river. She will jump her contract but she needs guarantees for her safety.We can offer her protection but what is the deal with this score. She tells us that he is after semiconductors and super conductors. It is likely some sort of high end computing equipment. There has to be something that makes this special. Her contract is 150 bounty worth of debt. Smiley tells her that we will protect her and set her up in one of our families and we will take care of her. She agrees to the deal just in time for the crap to go south outside.

Wolf and Gristle notice that there are some people with rifles that have taken notice of us and although the have not approached they are aware of us also. There are a couple of guys with Rifles coming up to the Humvee with rifles. Gristle and Wolf start arguing about the heavy metal and he makes a deal with Wolf that if he teaches Lahcotah to bite people in the balls and he gets to see it he will let Wolf pick the music for one trip. We talk with the Gaults briefly and convince them that wee have a parking permit. Wolf manages to tell Lahcotah to bolt in circles and people begin to chase it as he says that the drive is in its mouth. Unfortunately one of the rifle guys catches her and sees that she does not have anything in her mouth. So Gristle brings up his rifle which the Randians see and so Wolf buries his tomahawk into the guys skull that was yelling Gun….

As combat begins there is a guy on one of the railways charges at Wolf with a wrench over his head and Wolf dodges it easily and as he passes Wolf spins and buries his second tomahawk in the back of his head as he passes by. He then orders Lahcotah to retrieve his tomahawk from the first Gaults face. Off in the distance Boomer can see that there is a tower off in the distance and he sees a glint come off of it. A guy comes running down the stairs yelling take me with you. Another guy clocks him in the throat as he is running towards Smiley and Boomer. So of these guys are wanting to get out and others have totally drank the koolaid.

Smiley takes a precision shot to try and take out the sniper in the tower. With an excellent shot he is able to take out the sniper in the tower. Gristle is able to suppressing fire the other Gault and he starts yelling that there are runners by the coal mine. Another guy runs around the corner with a double barrel shotgun and unloads one of the barrels at Gristle but all he hits is dirt.

Boomer is able to go drill instructor on WizBang and get her to move to the Humvee through the middle of the fire fight. The guy with the broom handle club comes at Smiley and manages to snap his across the knee as he is not able to dodge out of the way but he is then able to run to his motorcycle. The Gault that lived the first round opens up on the Humvee but Boomer and Wolf are able to take cover and neither one of us take damage.

Wolf yells at Gristle to get back in the Humvee and drive while Boomer takes aim at the guy with the shotgun who he drops with a shot to the throat. The club guy comes out and takes a swing at Smiley who ducks out of the way. Smiley then opens up on the Gault who was behind cover and seems to pop him in the eye and the the rest of the bullets slams into his head and take it off. The guy that was choking comes out and knocks the club guy in the back of the head knocking him silly and then he jumps on the motorcycle with Boomer and the guy that wants to contract jump.

Our drivers are able to dodge the small arms fire and and the rifle shots and we start making our way out. As we get moving the Inner Atlas gate opens and three motorcycles come flying out of the compound. They are slaver recover specialists. Boomer is in a rear facing seated position and so he makes a called shot at the tire of the front motorcycle which he hits and the motorcycle skids out. Gristle just the gas petal down and pulls ahead of them slightly. Smiley then takes off and Gristle and Wolf and baffled out of where the hell he went. Boomer takes a shot as they pull away and puts another one of the motorcyclists out of action forcing the other motorcycle to slow down and then Gristle sees the ravine that Smiley had to of used.

The guy that jump contract was accused of murder and was then was put into indentured servitude, or so he said. Smilel knows that he is full of crap and calls him on it. He asks to just be let go as he would not level with us. Wolf gives him a couple of charges of rations.

We have to go a little bit out of our way on the way back to Takeride and as we do we come across some train tracks and we decide to use them to find our way back to the road. Up ahead there is an old broken down train. It is just a couple of cargo cars, but the one in front is an AmTrax Passenger car. The cargo cars look like they have been picked over but Lahcotah’s Go Pro shows movement inside AmTrax Car.

It is a double decker train car and as Wolf goes up to the door he spots what looks like 8 casualties. Wolf has the idea to unlock the brakes and roll the train car down the hill where we can then pick off the casualties. Wolf is able to release the brakes with the help of Boomer. Gristle then bumps the train car with the Humvee so that it rolls down the hill Wolf then enters the train car and hacks away at the zombies and finds himself enjoying it way too much.. Wolf then manages to find some bounty, a mini Coors keg and 2 Haul worth of Non Dairy Creamer.

We pull up into Takeride and start to offload our gear. Smiley goes and talks with Goodtimes about making Wizbang a citizen under our protection. Wizbang is going to be played off as Gristle’s new girlfriend. Goodtimes is not happy to hear that we stole the girlfriend out of the Randian enclave. The Randians are crazy about property and so Goodtimes is not happy that they will come around looking for her. Smiley tells him that we never told the Randians who we were where we came from and we will repaint the Humvee. He grants her a temporary visa.

Wolf goes to visit Willy. He is all smiles as he knocks on the door and asks him if he wants some beer in trade for the CD Molly was looking for. Is totally in for it and Boomer and Wolf help him to keg stand and then hold him down while they waterboard him with stale Coors light. He then threatens him and tells him not to go near his daughter ever again. Waterboards him again and then takes a bunch of CDs and then leaves. Boomer stays a second and threatens him again telling him it was him who talked me out of giving Willy a beer enema.

Loot Total So Far
Find 10 bounty on the train Car
2 Haul in Dairy Creamer (15 bounty per)
Mini Keg of Coors

Total Bounty from the Job
45 Bounty of the MREs
30 Bounty of the Creamer
39 Loose Bounty
114 Total Extra Bounty (23 for 4 of us and 22 for Smilely)

Total for Everyone was 51 for 4 people and 50 to one person


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