Takeride Tales

Session 3

On the Road to Atlas

Wolf goes and talks with his daughter. He finds out that she wants him to get a boy band cd for her. She says that she knows a guy named Willy who has the cd. He said that he would give her the cd if he could get a bottle of Coors. Wolf is a little flabbergasted that a grown man is offer a cd to a young girl and says that he will get the Coors for him and get her the cd. What he does not tells her is how Willy will be served the Coors.

Slicker is having dinner with his wife Susan in their lean-to eating gourmet canned cat food. Susan is suggesting that she would go into prostitution to make more money for the family. Susan says that she would like Slicker to fix up a few things in the lean-to. Slicker can make the roof not leak if he can find some roofing caulk.

Smiley is working in the pot garden with Rainbow Moonbeam and their one year old daughter. Moonbeam asks if Smiley found any new cds while they were out in the loss. He tells her that while we are out in the loss he will try and find her some cds. She wants instrumentals so that she can get into the flow and tune in her aura. So Smiley needs to get her a couple of CDS.

Gristle is talking with his dog while feeding it spam. Biscuit is eating it up while Gristle remembers the bad stuff that happens out in the loss. Lots of weird things going on out there mannequins.

Looking for Jobs
Takeride is filling up as winter is approaching. The tent town is starting to pop up around town. Smiley gets an email from Gekko saying that he has a second job for us whenever we would like to take it it would be at a 10.
Wolf finds out there is a guy (Gooky) in taker town proper that has some supply issues and wants someone to help him out with that. HE makes forage kabobs, so basically kabobs out of the stuff he finds in the forest. Gristle tries to find out the information on the job and comes up empty. Slicker finds a newer taker in town and tells him that Gooky was looking for soylent. He is trying to expand his business and wants soylent. It is in very low demand and there is not much supply. He found out that there is a truck out near the outskirts of Denver.

Mr. Johnson the broker in town has another job offer for us from another client. He liked how we handled the last job and will give us a line on in. Smiley calls in a favor to his friend Holiday in the Moths to find out more about the job. Johnson has been trying to farm out the job for a while now and it is coming in at a 12. He tries to recruit Smiley to come and grow pot for the Moths or at least send him some pot instead of sending him crypto credits. The market on this one is volatile.

The Negotiations
We decided to call up Gecko and see what sort of job he has next. He needs us to find him a specialist that can read the maps for us. Smiley reminds him that we are the best and that he needs us. Slicker tries to find out Gecko’s tough spot because he is being real shady on the whole specialist thing. He cannot find out any information so he calls up Tak an old surveying buddy of his who now lives in Freedom in Idaho. Tak says that he had a group of Takers out of Freedom doing something similar. It turns out that Gecko is not actually authorized to be offering the jobs that he is. A steward came through and told them that the Taker group should only work with authorized contractors.
Tough Spot is Under their Noses (he is doing it for personal gain as he is not authorized to do it)

Gecko tries to push Smiley’s soft spot but Smiley pushes back and asks him if he has the authorization number for this contract. Smiley tells him that the stewards have been sniffing around and so Gecko says that it is off the book and we can just keep it between us.
Boomer decides to gossip stuff that Gecko is doing jobs off of the books. The Gecko jobs does not seem to be on the up and up. The job does not seem to be paying that great and the Stewards are sniffing about. This prevents an undercut later.

Gecko tells Smiley that he has him between a rock and a hard place. He offers us some flashbangs to help us out on the upcoming mission. Smiley pushes back telling him that we need to be sharks. So they push the round.

Wolf tries to get Mr Johnson to tell him more about Gecko, unfortunately Mr. Johnson is not willing to share the information. So Wolf contacts Phillip who is a wholesaler contact of Wolf’s that is in the recession but is not certain that he should be talking to Wolf since Wolf is supposed to be dead.

Weak Spot: Chasing the Big One (he wants his life of wealth and status in the Recession that he had before)

Gecko tells him that we will be at the ground floor of a bigger endeavor while smiley tells him that that is fine but we want the cash now with winter coming on. This is a very persuasive argument.

Gristle is going around telling other takers that there is silver in the mines and that people will pay for it. There is going to be a bidding war on the information about the silver mines but we don’t want to take it because the job would be in Denver. He is able to drive the price up to 19 by getting other people to drive up the demand for silver mine information.
Gecko tells Smiley that it is going to be an easy job but Smiley pushes him hard with his weak spot. And so negotiations end with the job paying 20 and we come up to expenses on Smilely’s crit on Leadership.

On the Job
We are looking for a specialist named. Wizbang. She is a Scientist in a Randian enclave called Atlas the last that anyone saw her. She did some jobs in Colorado but no one has really heard from her. She is now in Wyoming.

On the first leg on there is a crashed vehicle that looks to be crashed fairly recently. Its an old 4 door pick up truck that looks pretty beat up. There were four passengers in the car. The driver shot himself and there are two casualties in the car. Slicker is able to kill the causality in the passenger seat and then moves around to cap the other causality. We manage to find 7 bounties on the corpses and then in the bed of the pickup there are army issue MREs in the boxes (15 each), 3 haul worth and one charge worth of gas out of the tank.

Leg 2 – Boomer and Smiley have a conversation about how we used to be able to play kick ball. They haven’t seen a rubber ball in a long time since the one that hit that land mine.

Leg 3 – wolf spots something really weird. There is a giant hill in the middle of the planes. It looks to be about 20 feet tall and it looks like someone just bulldozed a pile of dirt. As we get closer there is a there is a sign that says $$$ make it through my fun house.

Boomer checks the door for traps and there is nothing. As we pull the door open it opens up like a fridge and a camera on the far wall there is a note that says that you get a spin per group and make it a good show. There are rich guys in the recession who get bored and so the pay people to set this up and there are often casualties and obstacles. Bad Sport plays the losers…ie you get shoved in a room with causalities.

Gristle and Boomer head into the obstacle course first. The first room is a bunch of platforms with broken glass underneath. If you fall you get hurt. Boomer and Gristle make it through the room easy. Slicker and Wolf head into room with Wolf doing flips and such and Tex follows suit. They walk into the next room with and there are keys all over the floor and so Boomer goes over and starts picking the lock and with just a few seconds to spare he pops it open and smacks the button inside and move on to the next room. Wolf and Slicker move into the room and find an open box with an exposed button.

In the next room there are a bunch of casualties strung up going up and down. There is only enough room to crawl underneath them or maybe you could swing across them using them as their chins as a foothold. Boomer army crawls right underneath them while Gristle figures out the pattern and cruises right on through. Wolf bounces across the chins of the casualties while slicker comes behind army crawling. Boomer and Gristle come into a room and there is a CRT screen in front of them with a Nintendo zapper with a sign that says play until you win. It is Russian roulette versus a computer guy. Gristle losses the first game and gets electrocuted. Boomer goes up and jimmies the trigger so that he cannot get electrocuted and eventually wins. Slicker wins the game on the first round. The room of judgement with one door with a green light and one with a red. We go through the red door and find the wheel and have three rolls. 9, 7 and 6 bounty. Boomer figures out that there is an alarm system and how to open the lockers and decides that since he does not know where the alarm goes he will not mess with it.

Leg 4 – There is a huge cloud in the distance. There is a convey of armored vehicles moving towards us (5). They are going to come close to us and there is a guy on top of one of the hummers is pointing at us. They also have drone cover and so to get away we will have to go off the beaten path. The guy on the turret is waving both arms above his head. We decide that they are not likely hostile. So smiley goes up to talk with them. Captain Hannibal comes up to talk with Smiley. Smiley tells him that we are just out with some of the 10th Mountain division. He says they are trying to get back to the river and back to the recession. The guys in the convoy don’t seem to buy it but the Captain seems to buy into it wholesale. If we took out the captain the other guys would probably go onto their own ways and would not have to follow the full crazy Captain anymore. So Gristle makes a called shot to take out the Captain by shooting him in the head. The soldiers get out an haul him back into the MRap and as they do Smiley sees that he has black veins going up his foot and onto his leg.

Loot Total So Far
7 bounties on the corpses
Army issue MREs in the boxes (15 each) 3 haul worth and
one charge worth of gas out of the tank.
9, 7 and 6 bounty


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