Takeride Tales

Session 2

Back To School

Our Tontine is going to be called: Buying the Farm

Session 2
1. Mr. Johnson is a broker for people who need jobs done out of the recession. This will not be in the area.
2. The other job is a service contract

Wolf is not able to get any information out of anyone. Gristle goes to his old army buddies to find out about the brokerage job and the job seems like it is sort of basic. The equilibrium is pretty low (7).

Smiley goes to talk with Billy Big Rig about the Service contract. He wants qualified takers to find and transport cargo. Billy is sitting in an office from what Smiley can see on the Ubiqs. He wants a partner since he does not have any legs. HE wants people that are already out an about and when they spot cargo the send the information to him and then he sends his crews out to get everything out.

If we find any trailers he wants us to clean it out of causalities, boot the trailers and then tag it with a tracker. He cannot guarantee us any bounty off of it, but if it is something that he can sell we can negotiate the pay.

The deal is that we have to use two spots of haul to carry the trailer boot and the padlocks and goes trackers to mark the truck.

Mr Johnson Job – Mr Johnson is just handling the introductions
Smiley goes to talk with him. He is dressed nice and showers with the good soap. The job is straight forward. It is a data extraction job not too far north of Take ide. Smiley is put in front of a laptop talking to a guy in a “hundred dollar suit” in a high rise. He introduces himself as Gecko.

He wants us to look into some information on the mines in the area around Takeride and down towards Golden. He believes that there is some silver in some of the mines and he wants us to find the silver and prove it exists. This way he can see if any of them will still produce.

We will need to go to a college and grab old mine research. There is not a lot of people willing to go. So we need to go to the West Side of Denver and get the research that some grad student did.
Slicker calls up Frank his old stock broker buddy to see if he can get information about Gecko. He finds out that he is in a useless job for the DHQS and so is in a dead end job, or at least Frank thinks so. Frank says that if Slicker passes the information on to Frank he might do something on it as well and make it worth Slickers time.

Wolf goes and talks with a taker buddy Dash and tells him about how terrible Denver is and how the casualties there are totally out of control. This increases demand on the job and increases the profit margin to 17.

We end negotiations there we get upkeep 34. Get me the maps and get me the information then we will talk about step two.

High Ho Ho off to the School we go

Up in the distance on the road there are two military Humvees circled in the road. A lot of these road blocks like this were set up, but these look like they were ambushed and Lakota goes up and scouts out the trucks, there are casualties there, but as wolf moves up he kicks a helmet and the casualties come around from behind the vehicles. Gristle figures out that there is a bunch more trapped in there then we thought and so Smiley gets on his bike and dead drives the mobs away. While he is doing so the rest of us scavenge the trucks.

There are a couple of test tubes filled with black. They are blight samples from the very early days of the outbreak, in addition we find two haul worth of medical equipment (First Aid Kit with two charges), and Gristle able to find one charge worth of gas. We also find an extended magazine for a rifle.

As we are driving along Wolf hears gunfire in the distance. We go to investigate and arrive just in time to see a guy shooting into a herd of casualties. There is a mom and two kids behind the action and so wolf has Lakota kite the zombies away while the others pick them off.

Wolf goes and talks to the lady and turns out she is trying to get out of the loss. Her husband is Delta is a taker out of Utah, Goodtimes is legendary, Delta is approaching that same level in the Southwest. Delta is her husband and these are his kids. So she gets on Smiley Ubiq specs and calls him up. There is 7 bounty off of the coyote and 10 bounty off of the casualties. We also grab a recharge worth of gas out of the coyotes car.

As we come into the outer parts of town we see what looks like a man in the middle of the road. We decide to drive on by. As we drive past it looks like some sort of a mannequin. So it was most likely an ambush. As we drive one through town there are mannequins everywhere in town. In the stores, sidewalks, etc.

We drive into Golden. There is a respite with stacked barricades. There is a couple of city blocks worth of enclave. A couple miles off there is another slighter larger enclave. We spend the night in Golden. Smiley goes and tries to find some ammo but does not have any luck, but he is able to find someone that is willing to trade the rifle for the Ubiq Specs. Gristle goes and asks around about the school of mines. He actually runs into a couple of guys that are talking about it. One guy is controlling a drone and it looks like a stampede is at the school of mines. It used to be an aid station and so there are a ton of casualties in there. Golden makes it living by pulling a few off the herd and killing them for the bounty. So getting into the school just got a ton harder. We have to spend a bounty to get a map of the school. The zombies cover about 60% of the campus and there are a few hundred of them.

Wolf tries to use foresight to try and figure out which building the plans we need are in. He cannot figure it out and so he calls his buddy Bryan that did security on the campus. Bryan says that the survey results will most likely be in Hammond Hall, the one with the statue in front of it.

So Smiley goes to make the dead drive. He is going to kit them around the inside of campus while the rest of us go onto campus and go into Hammond Hall and try and get the records we need. We walk across the field with Gristle watching our back. Slicker is going to try and pick the lock, which he does with ease. Lakota goes into the building and scouts it out with the go pro. Slicker and Wolf easily find the maps that we are looking for and find 4 bounties and an ounce of weed. We then sneak back out. Smiley then jumps the fence leaving the mobs behind him. Gristle will on watch sees a bunch of guys walking up with rifles hung low. Gristle aims his rifle at them and Slicker takes cover. They come up and tell us that since we were doing business on their property that we need to pay for those who crossed onto campus. So we pay them 6 bounty and head back to campus.

First Aid Kit with 2 Charges
Tactical Sling – (Smiley)
Test Tubes Filled with Original Blight (sold for 20 bounty)
2 Charges worth of Gas
7 Bounty ( -4 paid to stay the night in Golden)
10 Bounty off Casualties (-7 to pay the guy for information on the campus and tariff afterwards)
15 bounty for expenses from Delta
4 loose bounty and one ounce of weed
Ubiq Specs – (Wolf)
Rifle – Traded for Ubiq Specs in Golden given to Slicker

Earn a Rep spot from Delta – Take Care of our Own (a Rep Spot)
Delta is now available as a contact with one freebie contact

Mr. Johnson – Broker
Gecko – Soft Spot – Relic of Bygone Times
Weak Spot
Tough Spot


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